Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UFO Recorded Over Lima, Peru International Airport
(Part Two)

UFO Over Lima (A)
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Research by Renato Longato

Photo Analysis
The sequence of UFO photos was placed in the hands of Mexican UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid, acknowledged for her conduct and impartiality, in order to have it them duly analyzed. Captain Kui Sam Cheu and the researcher would like to express their thanks for her cooperation.

UFO Over Lima (D)

UFO Over Lima (E)

UFO Over Lima (F)

UFO Over Lima (G)

Comments by Ana Luisa Cid

My thanks to Capt. Sam Cheu and reseacher Renato Longato for placing their trust in my work. They have my admiration and respect.

I personally believe that the Lima video constitutes solid proof of the visit of strange artifacts that roam the skies the of any country of the world. We seldom have the chance to have qualified air personnel provide us with evidence of this kind.

To see the video, access Renato Longato’s web page.

*Photo Credit:
Aviation Pilot Captain Kui Sam Cheu Moreno

* Source:
Renato Longato

* Reporting from México:
Profra. Ana Luisa Cid

* Translation:Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology

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