Thursday, July 06, 2006

Witness Says UFO Was a 'Flare'

Flares Dropped
UFO scare
FALSE alarm!

UFO buffs can put down the binoculars and close the X-Files...for the time being.
Barnsley Today

     Yesterday (Wednesday) The Star reported how reader Malcolm Rotchell and his bewildered family spotted a strange light shoot across the Rotherham skyline shortly after the electrical storm in the area on Sunday evening.
The bright orange ball "whooshed" over their home in Spring Croft, Kimberworth Park, then plummeted to earth after flying towards the direction of Swinton.

Malcolm thought the phenomenon could have been ball lightning, a firework or even aliens.

But Rotherham Council worker David Barker said: " I live in Kimberworth Park and saw the alleged UFO. It was definitely a flare! It was the type the army fire into the sky to illuminate the ground. It wasn't that high up either.

"I don't really see how anyone could mistake it for anything else. It went up like a flare, drifted slowly down like a flare then died out like a flare. It certainly wasn't ball lightning.

"To be fair, flares have been mistaken for UFOs in the past. There was a big flap in Arizona in the 90s where a whole city witnessed 'UFOs' landing on a mountain, only to be told a couple of days later it was army manoeuvres."

Paul Williams, of Greasbrough, also saw the light. He said: "When I saw it, I didn't think anything else but that it was a distress flare.

"It went up quite quickly then seemed to drift for ages. It was orange, like the witness said, and went in the direction that he saw it. It corresponds with the time as well. It was definitely a flare."

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