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The Strange Behavior of Bob Lazar (Alleged Former Area 51 "Scientist")

by Norio Hayakawa

Norio Hayakawa I am not here to defend nor to put Bob Lazar down. The fact is that Bob Lazar has been categorized as a fraud by most so-called UFO researchers and the public-at-large, although there are still some who hold on to the belief that Bob Lazar was who he said he was and that he did everything that he claimed.

One person that still totally and adamantly supports Bob Lazar's claims is KLAS-TV Eyewitness News anchorman, George Knapp, and of course, Bob's friend, Las Vegas real estate appraiser, Gene Huff.

Is Bob Lazar a total fraud? I am still not sure on this. I still do have some unanswered questions.

As for Bob Lazar's timeline, the whole world had already been familiar with Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar, which he published in 1994.
However, not everyone is familiar with Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar.

But, thanks to Gary Sellani, Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline was once again posted on the recently.
As I said above, personally, I still have some unanswered questions on Bob Lazar:

It was on February 21, 1990 that a crew of Nippon Television Network (NTV) of Japan and I (total of 7) had an opportunity to visit and interview Bob Lazar at his residence in Las Vegas. This was made possible through Bob's friend, real estate appraiser, Gene Huff.

We arrived at Bob's residence around 11 a.m., or so, to the best of my recollection. They took us to the living room, which at that time did not seem to me to be fully furnished and "lived". They showed us Bob's study room, which also did not seem to me to be fully furnished. Yes, there were a few books on physics on the bookshelf and there were computers on his desk. In any case, the interview was conducted by a writer from a magazine and I was simply there as an interpreter. The interview lasted about two hours.

When we arrived at his house, there were about 5 or 6 men in the house. At first I thought they were simply Bob's friends. But later on I notieced something unusual about some of those men. It seemed that throughout the interview, whether in the living room or in Bob's study room, two men were constantly on each side of Bob. One of them seemed to have a rectangular black communications equipment with him. Perhaps it could have been a cellphone (although this was in 1990).

When we moved to the kitchen area, those two men also moved alongside Bob. When we moved to Bob's study room, those men also moved together with Bob. So we asked Bob, "who are these men?" Bob simply said that, "don't worry, these are just friends".

Perhaps this was nothing. But I just thought to bring this up, because that's the one thing throughout the interview that impressed me the most.

What do I think of Bob? I still cannot come to a conclusion.

In any case, later that Wednesday afternoon, the TV crew and I drove about 2 hours from Las Vegas and reached the location where Bob had said we would see a test flight of a object arising over the Groom Mountains.

And, indeed, immediately after sundown and after haveing set up the TV cameras, etc. on the dirt road (right next to Hwy 375), Lord, behold!!, around 6:45 p.m. we observed a bright orangish light appearing over the Groom Mountains and made some interesting maneuvers. I was quite impressed at that time. Around 7:15 p.m., another light came up. In any case, this was the beginning of my real interest in Area 51, before Area 51 was even a household name at that time.

As the years went by, I came to dismiss my initial excitement about those sightings. I came to the conclusion that those lights were a test-flying of our aircraft (such as prototypes of newer black triangular craft) (or possibly, the initial phases of test-flights of UAVs, or "unmanned aerial vehicles", or even "unmanned combat aerial vehicles" (UCAVs), or other remotely-controlled platforms.

As the years went by, I also began to have some questions regarding Bob Lazar. A few years later, I did see a copy of Bob Lazar's paycheck. It wasn't much. Something like about $987.00. Then I found out that Bob Lazar's Social Security Number did not belong to Bob Lazar but to a lady in New York.

Also, I began to have doubts on Bob Lazar for his not keeping the promise that he would fly to Japan in early March of 1990 to appear live on the 2-hour Japanese TV program on Area 51. I was waiting for his flight from Vegas to Los Angeles where I was to meet him. He never showed up. Later on, the producer of the TV program said that he got an urgent call from Bob that Bob was not allowed to go to Japan to appear on that program. This was a total disappointment.

Also, later on, I was informed that Bob had kept the honorarium which was a guarantee that he would appear on the program live in Japan. Nevertheless, in mid March of 1990, a two-hour prime time TV Special on Area 51 was aired in Japan (without the live appearance portion of the program) and was seen by millions and millions of people there, when Area 51 wasn't even known by a lot of the American public.

What do I think of Bob Lazar?

Like I said, I still cannot conclusively dismiss him totally. He is a genius in science and technology, no doubt about that. The whole world, by now, also knows that Bob Lazar moved to New Mexico in the Sandia Mountains, next to Albuquerque.

It is my understanding that he still does some contract work occasionally for various defense-related sub-contractors (not the direct contractors). His present activities also include United Nuclear.

Was Bob Lazar part of a disinformation campaign? Was he a witting participant or was he manipulated unwittingly in the disinformation ploy? I do not know. What I also know is that Bob Lazar had a huge debt while he worked in New Mexico, prior to moving in to Nevada.

What I also know is that the Air Force did benefit from the belief by a segment of the population (and a push by a segment of the population to promote this theory) that Area 51 was somehow associated with extraterrestrial technology. It definitely helped in bringing about the "laughter curtain" to Area 51, which was needed as a "cover story".

It is my understanding that occasionally, "cover stories" are created by defense contractors during certain projects to draw attention away from or to bring up a "laughter curtain" to discret researchers' scrutiny of such projects. But again, I could be wrong.


In 1991, my former colleague, Gary Schultz and I organized an "Ultimate UFO Seminar" in the Little A-le-Inn (at that time known as Rachel's Bar and Grill). Despite little prior notice on this event, that memorable evening, the entire inn was filled with people. It was standing room only. There weren't any space left even to walk around.

The only speakers were Gary Schultz and myself.

We did not invite any particular guests, but we were surprised to see Lincoln County Sheriff himself, Dahl Bradfield, seated inside. We were also astonished to see William Cooper (who, later on became a rabble-rousing militiaman and was killed a few years ago in Arizona) seated also, silently listening to our presentation. There was Anthony J. Hilder (a rabble-rousing former talk show host in Alaska) in the crowd.

We also noticed that Sean Morton (an unknown enthusiast at that time who later on became a well-known self-professed "prophet" through his appearances on the wacky Art Bell show) was seated.

(I am ashamed to say that I myself was a rabble-rouser at that time who also had appeared on the wacky Art Bell radio show a few times!!).

As Gary and I continued with our speech, we were surprised to see John Lear (son of the inventor of the Lear Jet) enter the room. A little later, the door opened again and here comes George Knapp, KLAS-TV news anchorman. Then about 30 minutes later, we were astonished to see Bob Lazar enter the room, together with his girlfriend. There was no space left for them to be seated. We never expected these individuals to be there. Literally, the entire Little A-le-Inn was filled with so many so-called UFO "luminaries", all in one place. There must have been at least 95 to 110 people there.

Bob Lazar and his girlfriend stood in the kitchen, initially appearing to be looking towards us and listening to our presentations. But, instead, what we noticed was that Bob Lazar was continually laughing at Gary Schultz while he was giving the serious lecture. It seemed as if Lazar was mocking the entire Area 51/S-4 topic as if he himself didn't believe in it. I simply could not understand the reaction of Bob Lazar. There may be nothing to this, but I just felt that his behavior was a little odd.

Two years later, in 1993, again Gary Schultz and I organized a much larger "Ultimate UFO Seminar" at the same place. However, this time we anticipated a much larger crowd so we decided to have it outside during the daytime, right next to the Little A-le-Inn. I believe it was in March. By this time, Gary Schultz became more acquainted with Bob Lazar and Bob Lazar agreed to come to speak. We requested Joe Travis of the Little A-le-Inn to set up 200 chairs outside. Joe said he will take care of it.

When both Gary and I arrived at the Little A-le-Inn the day of the gatheirng, we were totally astonished to see a huge military tent right next to the Inn. What was strange was that we didn't expect such a large military tent to be there. When we asked Joe Travis how he got that tent, he simply said that he borrowed the tent from the base (i.e., Area 51). I wasn't aware then that Joe Travis had a working relationship with Area 51!! (the fact of which he really didn't talk too much). The base definitely knew that we would be having a large gathering in Rachel.

(In recent times, it is my understanding that the new security cameras at the present day Little A-le-Inn were installed by military contractors, per gratis or not, I am not sure, although Pat Travis said that the cameras are not connected to anything beyond her operation. As you know, it is assumed that there is a fixed camera on Bald Mountain pointing at the Little A-le-Inn's parking lot).

In any case, there were almost 200 people (from all over the U.S. and even some from Canada) at the seminar/gathering. Remember, this was in 1993. Among the audience was Glenn Campbell, a computer specialist who just moved to Nevada from the East Coast. Glenn Campbell, later on, became an Area 51 activist who was instrumental in publicizing the existence of Area 51 base to a much wider segment of society.

By the way, when Bob Lazar arrived at the seminar (he came with a couple of ladies), we were surprised to see his Corvette which had a license plate "MJ-12". It was probably his mockery of the alleged existence of MJ-12. That memorable event was covered by a Los Angeles Times reporter. That was to be Bob Lazar's last public appearance.

Norio Hayakawa

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