Monday, July 10, 2006

Free Energy and Alien Technology

UFO Over Transmission Lines
By Bill Moore
Ev World

     I admit it, I am curious about the possible existence of other life forms beyond the perilously-thin biosphere that envelops our tiny planet. And it seems that I am not alone.

Saturday morning, I hopped into the Lexus GS450h the company loaned me for a week and drove over to Westside High School here in Omaha for what turned out to be the very first public screening of The UFO Movie", an intriguing, if somewhat rough first cut of yet another documentary trying to understand the UFO phenomenon.

As with most films of this genre, the focus inevitably shifts from video, photographic and personal accounts of encounters with extra-terrestrial craft to discussions of what governments really know about the phenomenon and perhaps more importantly -- from my perspective -- what powers these devices. I have a personal interest here after having three sightings in less than a decade that I have difficulty explaining in conventional terms; and no I've not seen any "saucers", "triangles" or "little green men".

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