Thursday, July 20, 2006

Burning UFO Spotted Over Stratford!

UFO Over Stratford

The Stratford Herald

      STUNNED Stratford residents spotted a “burning ball of fire” from their home.

Former headteacher Colin McDowall and wife, Jill, were sat in the back garden when they spotted the “UFO”.

The couple were enjoying a late night coffee with Mrs McDowall’s brother, the Rev Michael Hiles, and his wife, Janice, when they saw the object at about 10.25pm on Monday.

Mr McDowall, a retired headteacher, said: “We noticed it in the sky through a gap between the houses. If it had been an aeroplane on fire, that perhaps would have explained it. It came from the north and was going towards the south and was running parallel to Bridgetown Road. We watched it for about three or four minutes before it turned at a right angle and started to head west. It was round and flashing—it was spherical and looked like a ball of fire. We were astonished.”

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