Thursday, May 25, 2006

UFO's — Fact or Fiction?

UFO Case Collage
By Rebekah Kendal

     South Africa is abuzz with speculation about UFO activity following the recent alleged sighting in Port Shepstone.

A number of witnesses testified to seeing an unidentified flying object crash into the sea amid smoke and flames. No aeroplanes have been reported missing and the NSRI have not, as yet, discovered anything in the area.

We spoke to Cristo Louw, founder of South Africa's UFO Resource (SAUFOR) about the sighting in KZN, government conspiracies and SA's UFO hotspots.

iafrica: What do you think of the recent sighting in KZN?

CL: This story has spread like wildfire all around the world due to the power of the internet, and although I do not suspect (at this stage) that there was an actual object seen, this event has shown that most people are actually open to the possibility that UFOs exist and are curious about the phenomenon. My conclusion is based on video-footage which was taken of the event and this shows a tornado-like formation which actually does account for many of the details from the eye-witness descriptions. There are however a few unanswered questions which still leaves the door open for an object to have been seen. The case is still open.

iafrica: Is there any spot in South Africa that is particularly prone to UFO activity?

CL: Yes, there are many. From our database of sightings, it is clear that the Eastern Cape is a hotbed for sightings, but contrary to popular belief, these things can (and are) seen just about anywhere. The research shows that many reports occur near bodies of water, military and nuclear installations, and even in space…

iafrica: Is there stuff that the public should know, but doesn't? In other words, is information kept hidden from the public?

CL: Without a doubt, yes! And this is a global situation. I'll give the example of the 7 May 1989 incident where our Air Force actually shot down a UFO which crashed in the Kalahari Desert on the Botswana side of the border. We would never have known about this case if an Air Force Intelligence officer hadn't come forward with the story. His credibility has since been found to be very dubious, however through diligent research many aspects of the case were substantiated. The cherry on top here was (apparently) that South Africa received nuclear weapons in exchange for what was recovered. The level of secrecy around this case is mind-boggling.

To summarise what the public should be aware of compared to what has been force-fed, let me list a few points:
* UFOs exist and many are real physical objects where others are different forms of energy.

* Some of these are extraterrestrial and/or inter-dimensional.

* Certain highly advanced technologies have been recovered from downed craft and/or in exchange programmes with extraterrestrials. Examples of this are believed to be lasers, holograms, night-vision, Velcro, microwave applications, fibre-optics, the computer integrated circuit and probably many more…

* Proof that UFOs are real exists. There are thousands of cases where physical traces were left such as unexplained geometrical marks on the ground, burnt and/or damaged vegetation, electro-magnetic effects on vehicles, higher levels of radiation in the environment, magnetic field anomalies, and actual pieces of debris.

* Official studies that were previously classified but released under the Freedom of Information Act in America and other similar acts elsewhere, clearly show that the official level of concern is very high and a lot of documents have been found by researchers proving the cover-up.

* Thousands of authenticated photos & video footage exists, a lot of it still in the hands of the military.

* Radar-tracking coupled with visual sightings (especially from civilian and military pilots) exists, but is mostly kept in military files.

* In our history, innumerable myths and legends speak of a time when the 'gods' walked among men and craft were seen flying in the skies.

iafrica: What exactly do you classify as a UFO?

CL: Simply, a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. This means that the observer cannot identify what is seen. Upon investigation, most UFOs are identified and are no longer UFOs. It is the ±15% of truly unexplained reports which definitely deserve further study. When confronted with any report, we will firstly rule out all known possibilities, and then after extensive investigation, only then can it be said that something is unexplained. It is extremely irresponsible to jump to conclusions when all the facts have not been verified and all the possible leads checked out.

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