Thursday, May 18, 2006

UFO Seen in South-East

Fireball Green A
The Queensland Times

     POLICE and radio stations were inundated with calls from concerned people around south-east Queensland last night reporting a strange green light streaking across the sky.

Guesses about the origin of the mystery light ranged from a crashed plane to an odd shooting star to the inevitable rumours of an alien invasion.

Last night authorities remained dumbfounded about the origin of the light.

A cop on the beat in Ipswich was one of those to witness the baffling phenomenon, calling in a report to his communications base about 6.20pm.

“There was a bright flash of green light across the sky,” the policeman reported.

“It looked like a shooting star at first but it was green and it went horizontally across the sky.”

The policeman asked the communications centre at Yamanto police station to contact RAAF Base Amberley about the light.

The base did not return the QT’s calls last night.

Police media in Brisbane said it had heard of reports about a strange green light around a wide region of the state’s south-east corner.

“The first couple of reports came through that it was a plane crash at Warwick,” a police media spokeswoman said.

“But we called Warwick and found that wasn’t the case.”

The spokeswoman said radio station 4BC called to say listeners from Samford to the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island had reported seeing the light.

“They said their phones lit up about 6.20 from all around the place,” she said.

“Apparently they all said there was a vivid green light from east to west.

“It’s certainly proving very difficult to track down. It’s very fascinating.”

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