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Man Says Photo Shows UFOs Over Santa Isabel

UFOs Over Santa Isabel
News 8

     A San Diego man says he has photographic evidence of UFOs flying over the East County. He shot a photo showing 10 objects in the sky while on a hike near Santa Isabel. The man claims his picture... Is the best UFO photo ever taken.

It was in the hills above Santa Isabel In July of 1990 that Mike Orrell snapped a photograph that changed his life forever.

"The sun was setting to the west, at about 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon," he explained.

Mike was hiking near the Inaja Memorial Picnic Grounds.

"It was on this block that I set my Canon camera -- I put it on maximum zoom lens," he said.

Mike snapped a single photo of the landscape. When he got the prints back, he noticed something strange.

"Soon as I saw the four-by-six picture, I saw the dots."

Ten dots in the sky. But they were so small, it was hard to make them out.

"Even at this distance I could not see the objects until the photograph was enlarged," Mike said.

Mike had the photo blown up -- again and again -- until the small dots were clearly visible.

There were nine objects on the left, and one on the right. They looked like they were flying, but they did not appear to have wings.

"Unlike birds or planes that would have wings or appendages, these objects were uniform in density and size," Mike said.

The objects were acorn shaped and triangular, and similar to other UFO photos taken around the world, that Mike has posted on his Web site.

"I have labeled this the best UFO photo ever taken, and there are other people who believe it is because the pattern I found in one of the objects is duplicated in three other separate UFO photographs," he said.

Could it be? Flying saucers over San Diego's East County?

News 8 took Mike Orrell's original negative to the experts at Chrome Photo in Sorrento Mesa, and asked for their opinion.

"They're irregularly shaped, though, sort of triangular," one staff member said.

The Chrome Photo staff took a close look at the negative. They were able to rule out dust on the lens damage to the negative, or mechanical defects with the camera.

"The negative itself was intact," staff member Dennis Reiter said. "There was no damage, no machine type damage in the process."

Next, they put the negative through a high-resolution scanner, and blew it up on a computer screen.

So, are they UFO's?

"I would agree with him -- they are flying objects and they are unidentified," Reiter said.

The objects were actually in the sky that day, but the experts could not say for sure what they were.

"If you're asking me if they're alien space craft, there's absolutely no indication they are alien space craft," he added.

If you're still skeptical about Mike Orrell and his UFO photo, his story doesn't end there.

"I had no idea the day I was here, that right behind us is an alien rock face," he said.

That's right. Two weeks after mike took his UFO photo, he returned to the same spot only to find a rock formation in the shape of an alien face 15 feet from the spot where he took his photo.

Mike says he knows it's a natural rock formation, and not made by aliens. On the other hand... his relationship with that rock is a bit unsettling.

Mike says he's never seen another UFO since his close encounter 16 years ago. But he's still waiting for that day when the UFOs will come again.

Orrell also has discovered other rock formations in the shape of human faces. One on El Capitan Mountain near Lakeside, and in La Jolla Cove.

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