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UFO Photographed Over Wloclawek - 1988

UFO Over Wloclawek [1988] A
by: Piotr Cielebias
NOL - Polish UFO Journal

     Jan B. told about his observations of unidentified flying objects. He even managed to take a photo of one disc in 1988.

The first sighting witnessed by Mr. Jan B. took place in summer 1988. In early afternoon, Jan B. was with his cousin in a room and then his son appeared screaming about falling star. When they went out all of them saw a hovering disc located about 300 m. away. The UFO was reflecting sunbeams and was as if flashing. Jan B. went for his camera and two other witnesses were observing it with binoculars.

As Jan B. said, he wasn't able to take a good photo for the first time. After setting his camera [Zenit TTL] he captured the disc. The witness then went in search for telephoto lens and when he was about to set it to the camera, the craft shot up with amazing speed and after a moment it vanished over the horizon.

Jan B. stated that he couldn't hear any sounds during the sighting. Observing the object with binoculars they noticed that it was rotating with height speed what gave a sparkling impression. Moreover the object was slightly swaying as if was suspended on an invisible thread.

The late aunt of Mr. Jan's wife told that she had seen some huge and twinkling object in that place but other details aren't available.

UFO Over Wloclawek [1988] B
Another observation witnessed by Jan B. took place in autumn 1989 or 1990. As he stated he was painting ceiling in his kitchen and suddenly he heard a dull sound resembling that of jet aircrafts. He looked by his kitchen window toward East and saw dozens lighting points that were chaotically lighting up and dimming creating various forms, for example diamonds and crosses. The witness went outside to observe it. The weather was good - the sky was full of stars.

Strange lights of various colors [from intense yellow to orange and red] filled the space between Tau and Pleiades in Taurus constellation. Also Mr. Jan's 9-year-old son witnessed the phenomenon. At first he thought that he is observing a group of jets or helicopters but they were behaving in a very unusual way. They were too close one to another. Moreover the lights weren't light regularly. But Jan B. noticed another one thing, i.e. a group of lights in a round shape was still in a distance between ?Tau and the Plejades, directing toward a certain point between these stars. Slowly the space filled with these object was getting smaller and the lights themselves begat getting weak. Almost since the beginning of the observation the witness was observing it with binoculars. He stopped observing it when lights weren't visible anymore. He noticed that the group is going away from him moving on a straight trajectory toward a certain point in the sky so a person observing it 500 m. away should see object moving on a starry sky background. The witness admitted that he felt that the manifestation was performed especially for him. He claimed that the felling is still very strong.

Another one UFO-related event in this family occurred probably in the Summer 2000. Mr. Jan's daughter observed on a certain night a triangular object shining with yellow light. UFO was flying over the entire village. When she returned home he related the observation to his father who then began observing the sky in the search of it. Finally he managed to catch a glimpse of the object seen by his daughter in the western part of the sky but unfortunately it disappeared after a while. [The object was seen in the distance.]

And another one story that is worth mentioning. It occurred to a mate of Jan B. It took place in 1977. Jan B. lived in a small village in vicinity of Terespol [near the eastern border of Poland]. He was in his house when his colleague living about 0.5 km away ran into. He was scared, pale as a sheet of paper and trembling. He wasn't able neither to speak nor to light a cigarette. After about 30 minutes he was able to utter a word and tell what he had witnessed. He said that when he was about 300 m. away from a house of Jan B., he looked at left side and suddenly he stopped being as if hypnotized. He realized that he was paralyzed. He was observing with fear a disc-shaped craft hovering on a small attitude over a heap of straw. As he said it was in amber color [he said that it had color resembling beer] and its rims were in constant waving motion. He wasn't able to give an exact time of that experience but he could remember that in a certain point the object shot up directly toward the sky. Its speed was unbelievable - after a second there were any signs of its presence. Then the man recovered. Along with Jan B. the witness measured the pile length. It was 50 m. long and he assumed that the observing object might be of similar diameter. Nothing is known about missing time but it is highly possible that the man experienced it.

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  1. Everytime I see a UFO photo like the one above - tilted to one side - I say fake! It's so obvious (to me, at least) that someone simply threw a model or UFO-look-a-like-object into the air.

  2. Evenin' Gary,

    Quite frankly, excluding the accompanying declaration, the picture could be anything . . . a cloud comes to mind.



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