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MUFON Discusses Time Travel, Aliens, Government Coverups

Time Tunnel Alien Government Conspircay
By Stephanie Bertholdo
Moorpark Acorn

     Are unidentified flying objects real or just the product of overactive imaginations sparked by pop culture?

Millions of Americans believe that extraterrestrials regularly visit Earth. The UFO industry has evolved over 50-plus years, starting in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold flew near Mount Rainier in Washington State and spied nine crescent-shaped metallic objects in the distance traveling at speeds he estimated at 1,000 mph.

During the same year of Arnold's flight, another seminal UFO event occurred. An alien craft supposedly crashed on a ranch in Roswell, N.M. Although the military initially released information to the press that a flying saucer was recovered, within days the official government explanation was that the debris found in the desert was simply a fallen weather balloon. The seeds of a government coverup were planted with the explanation.

Area 51, a top secret military base in Nevada, has since become a focus for "ufologists," or those who study the UFOs.

Groups dedicated to researching the UFO phenomena have proliferated along with sightings of lights and objects darting through the skies. It's been 60 years since remnants of either a weather balloon or a spaceship was recovered in the desert, but the UFO industry that emerged has grown astronomically.

Claims that the U.S. government is either in cahoots with aliens to cull their technology, or responsible for squelching data by disseminating misinformation were the basis of a recent meeting sponsored by the Ventura/Santa Barbara chapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

About a dozen UFO enthusiasts met at Marie Callender's in Westlake Village in mid-February to hear author and UFO expert Bill Hamilton discuss the fantastic case of Dan Burisch and the government's quest to silence him, and how time travel plays into some UFO theories.

Dr. Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain) was allegedly an Area 51 microbiologist who worked on the Lotus Project, a government-sponsored study of the Ganesh particle, which purportedly has the capability of repairing damaged cells. Burisch says that he worked with an alien being named J-Rod on a variety of "black budget," (top secret, not recognized by the government) projects.

"There's no doubt in my mind, after knowing Dan for a number of years, that he is indeed a genius," Hamilton said.

According to Hamilton, the alien J-Rod is actually a descendant of humans-a race that has evolved millions of years into the future, a "post-catastrophical future."

J-Rod's race apparently left Earth long ago and now resides on a distant planet where another form of humanity is languishing due to genetic deficiencies. J-Rod's purpose, Hamilton said, is to repair their genetic problems through earthlings' scientific advances using the Genome Study. In return, according to Hamilton, J-Rod is providing information on how to create designer viruses, possibly for military use, or perhaps for cures for human diseases. According to the reams of information on Burisch available on the Internet, the U.S. has forged numerous treaties with alien nations.

For skeptics, there's plenty of fodder in these wild extraterrestrial tales.

Burisch changed his name from Crain for some complicated personal reasons that involve his marriage and adopted children. Supposedly the high school that Burisch attended in England was not recognized in the U.S., so official records just show that Burisch earned a GED (General Equivalency Diploma that is an equivalent to a high school diploma). And, in keeping with the age-old ufologist's claim that people involved in black budget research and experiments are often targeted by the government, Burisch's personal records were erased, so verifying information about the man is virtually impossible.

"It's an easy matter to control records, much easier than I ever believed," Hamilton said. He added that it's not only records that disappear, but people sometimes vanish. Currently, Burisch is said to be in "lock-down," working on the Lotus project. If given immunity, he will allegedly testify before a congressional hearing about his involvement on secret human experiments.

According to one website dedicated to the Burisch case, one treaty "allows for abduction (of humans), removal of blood and reproductive samples and tissue; and does not control whether humans are maimed, tortured or that they might expire."

"There are gaps in Dan's information, but not big red flags," Hamilton said. But there's always missing data about such wild claims, he said. Ufologists often believe the missing information in such top secret work is due to records being erased.

Later in his presentation, Hamilton touched on quantum physics and wormholes, or "tunnels in space" that may be the key to time travel and J-Rod's visitation.

Extraterrestrials travel back and forth through time via a "hyperspace vortex," Hamilton said.

"Time travel is happening, not only now, but has happened in the past," he said.

"Time slips" was another theory that Hamilton proffered. Now and then, he said, people "slip" into another time of history. He said one family was driving on their vacation and stopped at a restaurant that appeared to be a 1950s-style establishment. When they paid their bill it was as cheap as in 1950. The family wanted to revisit the restaurant on their return trip but when they arrived in the town they couldn't find it. An old timer told them that there used to be such a restaurant but it had burned down in the 1960s.

Hamilton said that there are thousands of stories of time slips, but the only common bond is that there is a flash of blue light, the atmosphere seems to thicken and compasses appear to spin out of control.

Jeannie, a MUFON member from North Hollywood who would not reveal her last name, said that she enjoyed the presentation. "It was interesting," she said. "I like the scientific side of things a lot of times."

Science or not, true believers in UFOs will continue to search the skies for proof that we are not alone in the universe.

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