Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hommes de caverne en Europe

Stuart Miller
By Stuart Miller
UFO Review

     Actually the headline is a bit unfair; it should say France, not Europe.

Last summer, when I was still on speaking terms with Robin Crookshank Hilton, on her recommendation I went to Reines Le Chateau when on my hols in France. This place of course is at the heart of the Da Vinci crap, a book I feel I am the last person in the world not to have read. I cooed and aahed as I walked round and then went into the souvenir shop. The first thing that caught my eye was the array of Ufological magazines on display and despite having very poor French, it wasn't too difficult to make out the various contents. I quickly came to the conclusion that in France, they are a bucketful of believers.

Lately, nasty Nick Redfern has been doing his best to kick away at the alien angle to Roswell and more recently has revealed that Ufologists are spied on by the intelligence community, not because of their interest in Ufology but because they may be using Ufology as a cover for espionage or un American/British activities. Seems the authorities don't give a monkey's what we dig up about UFOs which isn't very encouraging for those who hold that there is an enormous cover up.

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