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Exclusive Interview With Nick Redfern is in The Latest Issue of 'UFO Review'

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Stuart Miller
By Stuart Miller
UFO Review

     The latest edition of UFO Review is available at UFO Review. As usual, either of the two top left hand buttons marked "Current issue" depending on which format you want to download it in.

As already pre-advertised, we have an exclusive interview with author Dr. Nick Redfern (doctorate courtesy Billy Booth on his latest book "Saucer Spies" in which Nick details the efforts of both the American and British intelligence services to keep a watch on nosey and intrusive Ufologists. And in particular, we have APEN finally exposed in all their gory glory. This is going to be an important book for Ufology and is bound to create more debate and discusion. Is this man a masochist? He's barely recovered from "Body Snatchers".

We also have an interview with Steve Dewey on the Warminster Phenomenon. The what I hear you say? If you have forgotten about it or just never heard about it in the first place, then you can hardly be blamed, for UK Ufology seems to have done its best since the late 70s to sweep it out of sight and out of mind. Warminster though was one of the UKs most enduring UFO events that lasted for ten years or more. Time for a reminder.

Kithra as usual weighs in with another excellent article on strange stones, we carry the current Dennis Balthaser editorial, there is a wedding announcement, and an exopose of science in Ufology and what attributes you need to be a fological scientist. I should mention that some of the proceeding articles in this paragraph are not entirely serious, and for that matter neither is the next one, an expose of the photographs taken by the Mars rovers that "they wouldn't let you see". Oh dear.

But what is this? Something of gravitas and relevance it would appear. A full and detailed listing of every UFO sighting in the UK as reported to the MOD from 2002 through to 2005 as supplied to Gary Anthony through a FOIA. Oh well, can't take the wotsits all the time.

Amazingly, all this won't cost you a penny.

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