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Argentinian Police Officer Recounts Alien Abduction

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UFO at Dorila
Sergio Pucheta shares his UFO experience: "IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY"

Treatment: The police officer is currently under psychiatric care within the framework of a "confusional episode". "I'm feeling somewhat nervous; my head aches and my hands itch," said the law enforcement agent who was interviewed Monday by a Barcelona (Spain) radio station. He asked that society "believe his story, since this had never happened to be before, and I didn't believe in any of this before."

     General Pico (Agencia) - Sergio Pucheta, the provincial police corporal involved in an alleged UFO experience, stated yesterday that "this could happen to anybody". It should be noted that the strange episode which had the officer as its protagonist, took place between the evening of March 2nd and early morning on Friday, March 3rd in the rural region of Dorila.

Pucheta, who was hospitalized at the Gobernador Centeno Hospital until noon Monday, only recently got in touch with the local press at his home on 104th and 25th streets where he lives with with his wife (pregnant) and his in-laws.

First, Pucheta showed a video made during the first days of February at a site close to the one where last Thursday's experience occurred. The images taken by the police officer show a round light apparently rotating on its axis.

It should be noted that this video was requisitioned by Minister Tierno in the early hours of Friday the 3rd while the police combed the area searching for the missing officer, who finally "appeared" at around 16:30 hours -- benumbed and in a fetal position -- on a rural road near Quemu Quemu, some 20 kilometers away from the place where his disaappearance occurred.

Moreover, the videotape was also requested by Pampan ufologist "Quique" Mario, who returned to General Pico yesterday to secure further details on Pucheta's ordeal.

Sergio Pucheta met with the media from General Pico at 09:30 hours yesterday, providing details of his experience for over an hour. "I was driving a motorcycle (a Honda 125 cc belonging to the Cattle Rustling Division) and when I reached the wilderness area we call "Las CaƱas", I saw a red light similar to that of a car," he explained, adding that upon reaching the site, the light vanished. "Then I got off my motorcycle to see if could hear any noises. When I got back on the motorcycle and was about to put on my helmet, the red light appeared in front of me, against my face and very strong."

He followed by saying that the red light "stood in front of me and sort of hypnotized me," stressing that as a result of this contact he could "only move his hands, nothing else. I couldn't move the rest of my was as if (the light) was going all over my body."

Later, he added that the light rose into the air and caused him "a considerable head and eye ache", a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields, without recalling ever having dismantled his service pistol or the police walkie-talkie, which was subsequently found at the site together with other belongings, such as a cell phone which lost all of its stored phone numbers, except for the last call Pucheta made to his fellow officers, calling for backup.

The corporal explained that he has worked for the police force for some 8 years and that for the last two he has served in the Cattle Rustling Division (Division Abigeato) engaging in patrols between 19:30 and 22:00 hours along the rural region of Dorila, Speluzzi and Trebolares.

Pucheta also noted that as he ran into the rural field "they were always behind me", in reference to two pursuing entities. He likewise added "I can't recall if I was walking or running" and noted having remembered all of his life in a matter of seconds "from when I was little until now that I'm older, everything good or bad that ever happened to me."

Regarding the "entities" chasing him, he maintained that they "levitated" and described one of the figures as "being smaller than me, somewhat transparent, with a large head and clear red eyes ...the eyes were very red."

He explained that "they were utilizing my mind, as if they were performing tests," which he later described as "life tests" -- "For example, I reached a cornfield, and at a distance of some 10 meters saw a large figure that appeared to be chewing thee corn cobs and was breaking something. I felt very scared and stood there staring at it. It was getting closer and closer and that's when I felt them tell me "either you go forward or backward". Then I stood thinking and walked right past the figure, and the fear sort of left me at that moment," he said.

When asked if the figure could be that of an animal, he said no, because "it was taller than me and much larger".

Meanwhile, Pucheta stated that throughout the experience he was "aware, because I was thinking about my family, in my wife and [our unborn child]...this was something real that was happening to me," adding that he felt great fear throughout the experience, except for when "I began remembering everything I'd ever been through since childhood. That was the loveliest thing that happened to me."

He later said that he currently "feels very afraid about going out at night" and that the entities told him telepathically that "the were going to seize another fellow officer who also travels alone."

With regard to the place from where the police rescued him, he said that he had been "waiting there since the morning. I was there from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, sitting and waiting" in a place where "no one ever came by".

When asked why he hadn't decided to move away from that spot, he replied: "My feet were paralyzed...I was numb," adding fearfully "they told me that if I spent the day there until the evening, they would come back for me again."

The police officer was unable to explain if the "entities" had taken him somewhere, but he explained that during parts of the distance he covered "it was as though I was in the air" and even remembered having gone past young bull calves "that didn't move", as if the animals were unaware of his presence.

Sergio Pucheta also made it clear during the press conference that his experience is just one of "many cases" recorded in the rural area.

"Previously, my partner and I have seen thousands of those red lights. We once chased one right to the blacktop highway. It was raining and then we never found any traces of it, only our pickup truck."

He added that some two weeks ago "a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn't budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up."

* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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