Monday, February 06, 2006

Witnesses Report Five 'Humanoid Creatures' - Military Surrounded The Area

Aliens Crash Land in Llandrillo
UFO sleuth on the trail of mystery at sea

North Wales Pioneer

     AS THE well known X Files catchphrase goes; ' the truth is out there.'

That is what UFO investigator Russell Kellett hopes to uncover on his saucer searching mission in Conwy.

But without the help of Mulder and Scully, the full-time researcher from FIley, North Yorkshire, has spent eight years unfolding the details of a paranormal event, believed to have occurred in North Wales nearly 32 years ago.

And Russell is hoping that a return trip to the Welsh hills and vales will unearth new supernatural soils, and conclude the mystery that he has named Dragon Lights.

The story began when a group of four men were travelling home on the evening of January 23 1973. They were near a field in Llandrillo when they saw an unidentified object land on the ground.

Arriving promptly on the scene, the army ordered the men to leave but not before they caught a glimpse of five humanoid creatures, two of which were in distress.

The military surrounded the area and told the men not to speak of what they had just witnessed, but the men later set up meetings to discuss their sightings.

The plot began to thicken as more and more witnesses spoke out, and after years of research, Russell discovered that there had also been an earthquake that night.

He said: “My investigation is very detailed and has a lot of background to it and I have documents and witness statements that really are mindblowing.

“I believe that a military movement out at sea caused the raising of a UFO from underwater which later crashed in land.

“My investigations so far have helped things to fall into place, this blows what happens on sci-fi TV right out of the water.

“I am currently searching for people in the area who have been on battleships and would be grateful if any readers who may have any information about a battle fleet that was in the Colwyn Bay/ Puffin Island or Liverpool Bay area at that time could get in touch with me.”

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