Saturday, February 18, 2006

Updated: White Sands Navy Radar Operator Saw Discs Circle V-2 Rocket Launches

Linda Moulton Howe
By Linda Moulton Howe
"On several occasions, Dad could see flying saucers circling the V-2 rockets.
...He said they were a large, silvery disc that looked like a pie pan turned upside down."

- Eyewitness, U. S. Navy DC1 Lloyd Eugene Camp -

     February 17, 2006 Algood, Tennessee - For the past year, I have been reporting about the revelations of former New Mexico State Representative, Andrew Kissner, from Las Cruces in Dona Ana County. Las Cruces is not far from White Sands Missile Range. Andy's work in local construction projects brought him in contact with White Sands employees who told him about flying discs that interfered with rocket launches from 1947 onward.

Back in the Truman Administration, it was called White Sands Proving Ground. That's where German physicists were brought after World War II in Project PAPERCLIP to work on American research and development of captured German V-2 and Wasserfall rockets.

In May 1947, at least two German rockets launched from White Sands went off course and crashed. In both instances, round, aerial discs were seen visually and on radar near the rockets just before the rapidly moving missiles veered from their trajectories. One on May 29, 1947, turned 180 degrees in mid-air and crashed near the new airport in Juarez, Mexico. The result was a huge crater in the ground, but nothing was left of the large rocket. Andrew Kissner's sources told him the truth was that the launched rocket had evaporated. The implication was that the disc technology was responsible. The Base Commander explained to the media that "peculiar phenomena" had interfered with the rocket tests. The "peculiar phenomena" were the unidentified aerial discs.

See entire article here.

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