Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Discovery Channel Soon To Launch New Programming - "Celebrates The Human Fascination With Future Science, Outer Space And The Realm of The Unknown"

Discovery Channel Logo On Black
Discovery launches new global sci-fi franchise

By Kris Sofley

     Discovery Networks International is launching a new global franchise, Discovery Channel's Sci-Files, with a programming stunt that will premiere on Discovery Channels in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Discovery en Espa�ol in the US beginning May 2006.

     The new programming initiative "celebrates the human fascination with future science, outer space and the realm of the unknown" and will feature a new slate of series and specials.

     Among the new Sci-Files-branded programmes are: How Techies Changed the World with William Shatner (2x60'), coproduced by Discovery Channel in Canada and Alan Handel Productions. The series takes an affectionate look back at Star Trek, paying tribute to the series and revealing ways that it helped change the world 40 years after it first beamed on to TV screens.

     Sci-Fi Changed My Life (4x60') is being made by Tiger Aspect Productions. The series uncovers the science behind some of the biggest blockbuster movies, including Men in Black and X-Men, and how they have influenced the next frontiers of scientific research.

     Strangest UFO Stories of All Time (6x60'), meanwhile, is being produced by Mentorn. From tales of captured aliens caught on camera to top-secret alien-human breeding programmes, this series will go in search of witnesses, victims and inter-galactic travelers themselves as well as experts and sceptics.

     The new franchise "explores a unique topic � the marriage of science fantasy and science fact � by delving into areas of pop culture that will attract international audiences of every generation," said Rebecca Batties, senior vice president, creative development and brand management, Discovery Networks International.

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