Sunday, December 04, 2005

Close Encounters of The Alien Kind

Alien Point Sign
By Lynda La Rocca
The Pueblo Chieftain

     If wrestling alligators isn’t weird enough, try visiting the UFO Watchtower. Located three miles from Colorado Gators just north of the hamlet of Hooper, the Watchtower greets arrivals with a series of signs and cutouts featuring bug-eyed, green and silver extraterrestrials, their arms raised in a universal gesture of welcome. The Watchtower draws believers from around the world who search the skies from its 10-foot-high observation deck above a geodesic dome or camp at its on-site campground, hoping to add to the number of UFO sightings (31 at last count) that have supposedly occurred in this area since the tower was constructed in 2000.

     Strange visions and unexplained events are nothing new for the San Luis Valley, which is held by some to be a spiritually powerful energy center or perhaps even a portal to a parallel universe. As far back as the 1960s, valley residents were reporting discoveries of dead cattle, horses and other livestock, their bodies mysteriously mutilated in attacks that some still attribute to alien invaders.

     So if the truth is indeed out there, the San Luis Valley’s UFO Watchtower is a good place to start searching for it.

* Special Thanks To Christian Macé

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