Thursday, December 01, 2005

China: Descriptions of UFO Sighted Over Shangai Vary

UFO Over Shangai
UFO reported over Shanghai

By Li Xinran

     SEVERAL people reported seeing a UFO in Shanghai between 4:30pm and 9pm yesterday.

     A man named Hu told the Xinmin Evening News he saw the UFO in the sky near the Outer Ring Road in Xinzhuan area at 4:30pm. It was visible for about 5 minutes, Hu said.

     A man named Luo said he saw a bright oval object flying west towards Jiuting Town at 5pm when he was near Qibao Town. He tried to take a picture of it with his digital camera, but failed.

     A man named Yang said he saw the UFO near the Laoximen in Jianguo Road E. at 4:44pm. He said it was a thumb-like orange oblong object hanging in the southeast sky and moving slowly east.

     A Mr Ni, aged 65, said he saw a bright red dish-like object in the western sky for about 5 minutes from his 13th-floor room in the No.8 People's Hospital in Xuhui District at 4:55pm.

     A caller named Zhao told the newspaper he saw the UFO in the southwest sky at 5pm in Putuo District near Wuning Road and Caoyang Road. It was a strange shape and flew slowly west, Zhao said.

     A Mr Liu saw the UFO from the elevated road of Zhongshan Road N. and Hutai Road at 9pm. It was a cubic flying object with lights glittering around it, Liu said. It looked like a twinkling gold star in the sky and changed into a thumb-sized cube when it moved quickly. "I saw it stayed in the northeast sky for a while, and then it changed its position to southeast," said Liu said.

     Hongqiao Airport officials said they had no knowledge of the object.

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