Thursday, November 10, 2005

UFO Researchers: "We Are Firm Believers That You Can Only Form Your Own Opinions By Doing Your Own Research"

John Hanson & Dawn Holloway Cropped
John Hanson and Dawn Holloway

Sky is the limit for UFO hunters

This is Redditch

     CATALOGUING unexplained activities in the night skies above the UK has been the 11-year project of Alvechurch couple John Hanson and Dawn Holloway.

     They have spent more than a decade researching and compiling accounts of unidentified flying objects since 1940 ready for a four-volume publication.

     With a working title of Haunted Skies, the book features in-depth accounts of unexplained objects in the sky presented chronologically.

     "We have included a lot of stuff that has never been covered before," said Mr Hanson.

     The 58-year-old retired policeman explained he first became interested in the subject after speaking to some fellow officers about something they had seen in the night skies over Birmingham in the early 1990s.

     He and his partner then started to look at other stories - often in newspapers - and used telephone directories to contact the people who had reported the sightings.

     The stories flooded in from all over the country, with accounts from former servicemen, pilots and policemen, as well members of the public.

     "There is nothing better than speaking to someone first hand," said Mr Hanson.

     "It's rather exciting talking to senior airmen who have seen some amazing things."

     However, the couple have also followed up their fair share of hoax stories, including one where a man photographed discs on his car windscreen and claimed they were UFOs.

     "We are firm believers that you can only form your own opinions by doing your own research," said Mr Hanson, of Red Lion Street.

     The couple are now looking for a talented graphic artist to help them design a book cover.

     "We want the quality of the artwork to reflect the quality of the book," said Mr Hanson.

     Anyone interested in offering their artistic services to the project can call Mr Hanson on 0121 445 0340.

* Special Thanks To Christian Macé

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