Monday, November 07, 2005

"Bay State Residents in Recent Years Have Reported Hundreds of UFO Sightings"

Barney & Betty Hill
UFO sightings

By Peter Reuell
MetroWest Daily News

     The truth is out there. MetroWest?

      Though it may not seem like a hotbed of alien activity, Bay State residents in recent years have reported hundreds of UFO sightings, including dozens in MetroWest.

      From Framingham to Franklin, folks have reported seeing everything from strange lights in the sky to actually encountering flying saucers, complete with alien beings inside.

      Despite Hollywood's focus on sites like Area 51 and Roswell, N.M., Peter B. Davenport, director of the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center, said UFO sightings are an international phenomenon.

      The group's Web site includes reports from all 50 states, as well as Canada and far-flung locales including Latvia, Bangladesh and Outer Mongolia.

      "This is a phenomenon that's not limited to the Southwest," Davenport said last week. "It's important to recognize that UFOs are real objects and they are capable of covering immense distances over a short period of time. They (can) go wherever they wish, and they do."

      But while the NUFORC's site lists 50 MetroWest sightings over the last three decades, local officials say exactly what folks are seeing remains a mystery.

      "Very rarely will we get calls from someone who sees something unusual or unexplained in the sky," Framingham Police spokesman Lt. Vincent Alfano said last week.

      "We'll look. If somebody said I see something strange over Learned's Pond, we would call the area car and tell them to look...and if they see anything we would do something."

      Exactly what they'd do, though, is tough to say.

      "I've been here 18 years and I cannot remember a call of anyone stating that," he said. "Certainly, investigating anything of that magnitude is far beyond the resources of the Framingham Police Department."

      "You log it," Milford Police Chief Thomas O'Loughlin agreed. "Sometimes there is an answer. People see lights and this and that and it turns out the state police helicopter was up in that neighborhood."

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  1. Oh dear, that article showed there's always the "expert" who dismisses UFOs and insults anyone in his profession who'd take the subject seriously.

    Well it's good(don't know if 'good' is quite the right word) to know that Massachusetts is still buzzing with UFOs. I'm not surprised though, being a Baystater.

  2. Susanne-Louise,

    Actually, the expert(s) mentioned in the article are "Peter B. Davenport, director of the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center." (He obviously, based on experience is "pro" UFO). Also, I didn't feel what was conveyed in the piece in regards to local law enforcement as dismissal, or being offensive.

    The attitude seemed to be (from Framingham Police spokesman Lt. Vincent Alfano) "that most UFOs that is 'Unidentified Flying Objects' can be explained" . . . which is true; it's the smaller percentage that defies conventional explanation that we're interested in.

    Opposed to some articles, I felt this one "stayed in the middle."


  3. Frank,

    Yes Peter's a good man and deserves mention and appreciation.
    He's an unsung hero in UFO reports and follow up investigations.

    But I was thinking of Aquilar and Beatty's comments in the report, which were a bit condescending from my pov.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog,
    I answered here though, for convenience and continuity.

    Cheers! - SL


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