Sunday, October 23, 2005

UFO Again Returns Near The Town Of Oruro, Bolivia

UFO Seen From Bus

The Presence of a Shining UFO Surprised The Elenco of Tra-la-lá

La Patria

     The elenco de artistas de Tra-la-lá Show were surprised yesterday at dawn (00:45 hours) by the presence of a UFO that flew near the area of Caihuasi located 36 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Oruro.

     The elenco troupe was en route to the city to give a presentation.

     The group was to arrive in the city early Friday morning but a delay caused them to arrive in the evening.

     The artist Cecilia Travesí (skeptical about the UFO phenomenon) recounted her experience.

     “We were near Caihuasi when we observed a reflection on the right side of the bus looking out the window; I commented on how beautiful the moon looked to my boys; however, one of them said that the moon was on the other side of the bus.”

     After my observation the other members of our group began looking out the window and witnessed the object that had the form of a globe.

     “It was the color red and couldn’t be watched for a long time, as it blinded the eyes; the light was so strong that it illuminated at least about two kilometers and the mountains were seen, it was really extraordinary. It was a scene that I have never witnessed before in all my life. We remained watching and we thought it was it might be the reflection of the moon, nevertheless, Manolo, my son indicated that it was a UFO. Indeed the reflection of the object was so great that we could not believe it "

     Travesí asserted that the flying object moved up and down and the center looked like a fire. After a few minutes the globe or whatever it was disappeared.

     When they arrived at the city, they observed through a local television channel a similar object which was seen by others and they remained perplexed as they realized they weren’t the only ones to witness the UFO.

* Roughly Translated By FW

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