Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday Phenomena: UFO Sightings

UFO Over Hawke's Bay
By George Knapp
Investigative Reporter

     By definition, UFOs are just unidentified things in the sky, not necessarily alien aircraft. One Las Vegas man has captured a curious array of photos and videos of weird stuff he's seen flying over his house. He shared his material with the I-Team's George Knapp.

     UFO witness, "The first thing I started seeing were odd-shaped things that changed colors and just darted across the screen at phenomenal speeds."

     Have you ever wanted to see an honest to goodness UFO? This Las Vegas man sees them all the time. He worries about being labeled a UFO wacko, so we agreed to hide his identity. Call him Bob. "I started seeing them at night, and they're balls of light, not aircraft or jets," he explained.

     Bob lives in a central Las Vegas neighborhood and for the past two years has been seeing and photographing weird objects in the skies over his home. He started with still photos, and then switched to video to record the movements of things like this opaque pretzel shaped.

     Bob continued, "They started making aerial maneuvers and then a dead stop, and then start up again, like they were searching for -- they were like ants."

     The objects appear at different times and at different points. Few of Bob's neighbors seem to have noticed the aerial ballet above their rooftops. Raul has an extra advantage with 20/10 vision, he says, which allows him to pick out objects in the sky that others might overlook.

     It's hard to believe that no one else noticed this tandem of dark spheres that danced around on a recent afternoon. One looked like a big plastic bag caught in the wind, but it stayed up there -- way up there -- for more than an hour. They aren't satellites because satellites don't stay put for 4 hours as this one did.

     Colonel John Alexander said, "UFOs are real. What are they? That's the question."

     Col. Alexander, an author and retired Army intelligence officer who worked in highly classified military research programs, watched some of Bob's footage. "That one looks like the one they show down in New Zealand."

     But he isn't sure what he is seeing. He doubts they are anything from, say, Area 51. "It's quite possible that things might fly in this area. However, they would not be extremely sensitive things. You don't test advanced technology where it's going to be available over major metropolitan areas. That's what they do out in the desert."

     This is a computer-enhanced freeze-frame of an odd object. On video, the three-orbed thing looks a lot like balloons tied together, but these orbs seem to be tumbling over each other in flight, and the object has a twin. If they are moving with the wind, why do they move in different directions?

     Bob said, "You can't have two craft with wind draft coming down and then almost colliding, the one almost bending over. If you slow it down, it bends over. It's like they're interacting. This one is stationary and this one is jamming up. Man, look at that separation."

     Within seconds the two objects put a huge distance between themselves. Maybe they're balloons, maybe not. This one was frozen in the sky for a while, and then zipped behind the clouds -- very un-balloon-like behavior. Bob is convinced there's a lot of stuff in the sky that we can't recognize, but we can see them if we try.

     The National Weather Service launched two weather balloons each day over the Las Vegas Valley, but we aren't sure if that's what some of these are. We've sent the footage to an optical physicist for analysis and will have the results for you soon as part George's "Friday Phenomena."

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