Monday, October 31, 2005

Aliens Sighted Saturday in Belleville

UFO Car Belleville
By Mike Leverton
The Monroe Times

     BELLEVILLE -- Humans, aliens and other extraterrestrials gathered Saturday in Belleville for the community's annual UFO Day. The event has been going strong in Belleville since UFOs were sighted there Jan. 16, 1987.

     Lindsay Brockert, a member Belleville Chamber of Commerce event planning committee, said several different sources reported unidentified flying objects flying between Belleville and New Glarus.

     "If you're driving along (Wisconsin) 69 up the hill before Belleville, they were sighted to the left of that," Brockert said. "A Belleville police officer saw them and his partner saw them. Then different people looking out their windows all saw them, too."

     The police officers reported seeing flashing red, blue and white lights suspended about 1,000 feet in the air about two miles south of the bluffs. Eventually, the lights moved to the southwest, accelerating until they were quickly out of sight.

     On March 6, 1987, several Belleville citizens again reported seeing UFOs, this time in the afternoon sky and cigar-shaped. Between January and April 1987, there were more than a dozen reports of UFO activity from Belleville and New Glarus residents.

     Bob and Barb Belle, also of Belleville, said a group near Elgin, Ill., that verified UFO sightings, actually confirmed there were objects that flew over Belleville in January. "There were sightings all over the world about that same time," Bob said.

     Bob, a former teacher, said he once had a student in Arlington Heights, Ill., write a story about UFOs after researching several UFO stories. "It was very interesting at that time because no one really talked about UFOs."

     Saturday's UFO Day included a haunted ride for kids, a parade, a craft fair, a quilt fair, the UFO Fun Run, pumpkin decorating, a chili cook-off and a monster costume ball.

     Held on Halloween weekend, the event drew a mixture of costumes, including witches with their faces painted green, a young Pharaoh, three girls dressed as chickens, a vampire, Batman and an alien with four eyes.

     In the middle 1990s, Belleville made a proclamation concerning UFOs, Brockert said, naming itself the "UFO Capital of the World."

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