Thursday, September 15, 2005

Waiting For First Contact

By Brodie Fenlon
Toronto Sun

Victor Viggiani      Retired school principal and long-time Toronto UFO researcher Victor Viggiani doesn't want to talk about lights in the sky.

     He's been there, done that, and yes, he believes.

     He says it's time to shift the debate from the phenomenon of sightings to the geo-political implications of contact with a higher intelligence.

     "This is the biggest issue in history. There's something major going on. I don't know what it is, but it's happening," said Viggiani, an organizer of a symposium Sept. 25 titled "UFO Disclosure and Planetary Direction" at Convocation Hall.

     "I call it the giant slap in the face. That's what the psychological implications of this issue will be," he said.

     Viggiani, who's booked four prominent UFO researchers and former defence minister Paul Hellyer to speak at the conference, believes humans are likely a few billion years behind extraterrestrials on the evolutionary ladder.

     He also believes that aliens have been visiting Earth, leaving clues of their existence and waiting to share their knowledge with a planet quickly dying.

     But Viggiani concedes there are major hurdles to getting a fair and scientific hearing on the alien phenomenon.

     He believes governments around the world are withholding information; that the Internet abounds with "garbage" on UFOs, while the media and public concern themselves with daily subjects.

     But the biggest hurdle is cynicism and close-mindedness, he said.

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