Tuesday, September 27, 2005

UFO Sighted in Illinois

UFO Over Gallup
Observer says lights were 'exactly' like pictures on The Independent's Web site.

By Darrel Beehner
Staff Writer
The Independent

     GALLUP — So you haven't been hearing of UFO sightings in the Crownpoint and Standing Rock area lately, huh?

     Perhaps that's because the pilots of the other-worldly craft have moved on to greener pastures such as those surrounding Springfield, Ill.

     It was there that Tim McLain, a long-time banker, along with his 10-year-old daughter, reportedly saw "bizarre lights" in the nightime sky recently. The father/daughter duo saw the lights four different times on their drive home.

     "I thought maybe I was losing my mind," McLain said in a phone conversation with The Independent. The encounter so unnerved him that he immediately went on the Internet and did a search of sightings.

     It was that search that led him to call The Independent, whose Web site contained stories of the recent local sightings as well as a photo taken by area residents that showed lights "exactly" like those seen by McLain and his daughter.

     "They were huge orangy-red looking lights ... they were just hanging there. There was no movement," McLain said as he tried to compose himself.

     "I'm not trying to be freaky," he continued after drawing a deep breath. "It was a triangle-looking setup. It was like looking at a building from a corner perspective, but it's farmland," he said. "There was movement within the lights. ... It's hard to explain."

     McLain said he contacted law enforcement agencies, airports and military bases in the Springfield area, but no one else had reported seeing the lights, which at times seemed to vanish and reappear in other parts of the sky.

     "You watch these TV shows (about sightings) and you don't know what their (those reporting the sightings) motives are.

     "I just know what I saw. It was totally unexplainable."

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