Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Roswell Explained - Again

by Kevin Randle
Sept. 2005
Kevin Randle Sml     The Roswell UFO crash case has been solved - yet again. Nick Redfern, writing in his new book, Body Snatchers in the Desert, has proposed a somewhat new but not extraterrestrial explanation. He suggests that what fell in Roswell was an American high-altitude experiment that contained the deformed and mutated bodies of Japanese captured at the close of World War II. The object that carried them was a huge balloon modeled after the balloon bombs launched during the war and a wooden flying-wing-type craft designed by the German Horten brothers that was taken from the Nazis.

     Redfern suggests that those who found the wreckage, the officers at the Roswell Army Air Field, did not immediately identify the craft because of the weird construction, the aluminized rubber that made up the balloon, and other elements that seemed to defy easy explanation. The craft had carried five pilots (or possibly four), all killed in the crash. As the strange contraption broke up, a segment about nine meters long had fallen away. One of the pilots was sucked out the craft as it came apart, and this is what Mack Brazel found on the ranch he managed near Corona, New Mexico.

     This experiment, designed to expose the captured Japanese to high altitudes to find out what would happen to the human body, could not be revealed to the general public. At the time, July 1947, the United States was trying Nazis in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. Some of those crimes included experimentation on human subjects without their consent. Now, according to Redfern's theory, the United States had done the same thing. It would be the height of hypocrisy if the United States were engaged in the same sort of human experimentation. . ..
"Roswell was not some rogue experiment using deformed and mutated Japanese captives, but the crash of an alien spacecraft. Those who were there would have recognized everything as terrestrial if that's what it was. The only answer that takes all the evidence into account is that this was truly something from another world."

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