Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Colonel Corso's Files Revisited

By Ed Gehrman
Ed Gehrman Edited     Blunders do not make a hoaxer or a liar. Col. Corso would have to be both if he didn't seed alien technology into US business, as he says he did. The *Day After Roswell* is about that fact and is not intended as a history of the cold war and shouldn't be read in that way. It comes down to whether you believe he was trying to tell the truth, not whether he produced a mistake free document. Col. Corso's testimony is primary source material and should be treated as such, just as we use diaries and old letters to understand the dynamics of the Civil War. There's absolutely no reason to believe that Col. Corso is a liar.

     He may have make numerous mistakes, but his testimony concerning the seeding of alien technology is a lie or it's the truth. It is certainly not a "mistake". Was he telling the truth about that or wasn't he? If he wasn't, then he's a liar and a fake. It's that issue that we all need to wrestle with. It's not enough to insist that he made some mistakes, therefore he shouldn't be believed. The mistakes have become red herrings pulled across our path to distract us from the important information Col.Corso has bravely given us.

     I have no proof that Col. Corso is telling the truth other than my knowledge that he was an honorable and truthful person, a super patriot and well respected by his peers. He has no history of being deceitful or of perpetrating hoaxes. He held responsible positions in the service of our country and was a good friend and advisor to some of the most important and powerful people in the country from 1945 on the present. By all accounts he was fair, scrupulously honest and an all around good Joe. When he states that our government has seeded alien technology into the US business community and that he should know because he was the person who accomplished the task, I believe him. He had no reason to lie and there is no evidence that he has done so in the past.

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