Monday, September 12, 2005

Interview With Thomas Horn, Controversial Author of The Ahriman Gate

Tom Horn Sml
By Joe Peterson
RNU News Special Report

     JP: Tom, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

     TH: Certainly, Joe, you're welcome, glad to do it.

     JP: Well, I was very interested after hearing you on radio recently. The fact that a conservative with your credentials was willing to talk about UFOs, life on other planets, government coverup, it was a bit of a surprise. I want to ask you the hard questions, but first, give us a little background if you will as to why you are talking about this now.

     TH: Let me begin at my childhood. My father grew up riding fence lines for the Bard Ranch, the largest open range cattle ranch in those days with tens of thousands of open acres. Consequently, Dad knew the Arizona desert like the back of his hand. After returning from the Korean War, he took a job as a policeman in the small town of El Mirage, Arizona. Years later he worked with Dell Webb, who built Las Vegas, and as you know the Mafia was tied in to all of that in those days. Dad stayed with Webb for twenty-five years or more, building Youngtown and then Sun City.

     JP: I heard you start to say something about this on radio the other night and then the host cautioned you about it. Is this where you think your dad became a connected man, through the Dell Webb corporation?

     TH: I can only speculate on that. But it was about this time that Dad, who loved to deer hunt, made an amazing discovery. Several large and spherical craters, perhaps twenty feet across and eight feet deep, were discovered in an unexplored section of the range where he was hunting. The cavities were so precise that it looked as if an enormous white-hot ball had routered into the rock. The finish on the walls was such that rainwater filled the orbs.Theholes sides of the holes were slick and each pool contained deer that had fallen in and drowned while attempting to drink the water. Dad took pictures, including the one I gave you where the curvature of the hole is distorted by a bend in the old photo. He showed the pictures to the family and I remember being especially impressed, and later he led a representative of the Army Corps of Engineers to the location. The origin of the craters was never determined, and the Corps of Engineers dynamited the pools with rock to protect the wildlife. The Phoenix Gazette or another paper ran an article on the baffling holes, reprinted photographs of my father kneeling beside the orbs, and that seemed to be the end of the story.

     JP: But it wasn't.

     TH: Not at all. On November 5, 1975, along the northeastern ridge of that mountain range, Travis Walton stepped out of his pick-up to look at what he called a glowing object. According to the report, while a crew of loggers waited nearby, Travis approached the UFO and was jolted by an energy wave. As his companions fled in terror, Travis was taken on-board the so-called alien spacecraft and subjected to a variety of physical examinations. His story, Fire in the Sky, was made into a motion picture. Supposedly it's the best documented account of a UFO abduction ever recorded. I don't know if Walton’s story was true or if there was a connection between his experience and my father's earlier discovery in the same area.

     JP: But immediately after this event, things got weird at your home.

     TH: According to my mother, who by the way didn't believe in anything about UFOs or aliens...

     JP: Let me interrupt. As I understand it, there was no discussion at anytime in your family before or after these events about aliens.

     TH: Absolutely not. First of all, we're talking over forty years ago. There was no consensus back then about alien abduction or any widespread characterizations of alien Greys. Secondly, we were a very old fashioned Pentecostal Christian home. We weren't allowed to watch TV, go to movies, any of that. We'd have gotten spanked for even mentioning such absurd ideas! [Tom laughs]

     JP: Yet something very unusual started happening right after your dad's discovery.

     TH: Yes. As I started to say, according to Mom, my aunt who lived a few doors down from us came to the house one day. She was ashen white, visibly shaken, wanting to know what the 'thing' was that had been hovering above our house. Mom went outside and nothing was there.

     JP: Your aunt described it as a shiny circular object.

     TH: That's right.

     JP: And following this?

     TH: A few nights later, and I still remember this vividly, I was shook from bed by the sound of my sister screaming. Horrible, terrifying screaming. Everybody in the house jumped out of bed and ran to her room. She was sitting up in bed, and the look on her face, it was unlike anything I've seen since. Mom stayed with her that night. Put a Bible under her pillow, anointing cloths on her and prayed with her. Some time later Mom told me that my sister had woke that night and saw small, bulbous-headed Grey men standing around her bed.

     JP: You said in one interview that your Mom's prayers made a difference in keeping the small men away.

     TH: They certainly appeared to. I draw this conclusion because over the next forty years the phenomenon happened over and over and whenever prayer was made, the event would stop for a while.

     JP: Then start over again.

     TH: Yes.

     JP: Is this why you place a spiritual element on this activity, whatever it is?

     TH: That's one part of it. Remember, I pastored for over twenty years and was an evangelist for some time too.

     JP: Wasn't you connected to Trinity Broadcasting and those people at the time?

     TH: Uh-huh, had my own television and radio program. Yet even during those years I investigated my sister's phenomenon through the filter of my conservative upbringing and found that there are many layers to the abduction phenomenon. I concluded that the experience is real is some cases, but how do you interpret it? It's at least as complex as the physical world.

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