Monday, September 26, 2005

Francisco Fazio Baiz:A UFO Investigator Who Doesn't Believe in ET

Francisco Fazio Baiz Cropped

     What are the UFOs? For some it’s the irrefutable proof that we are not alone. For others it’s an excellent source of commerce. For our interviewee, their origins (UFOs) are of a military-political nature.

      Francisco Fazio Baiz is a young person of 24 dedicated to the study of the UFO phenomenon whose position will tend to surprise the reader. He doesn’t embrace the “ET hypothesis.”

     Baiz is a correspondent for Mauss├ín Productions of Mexico, and has been interested in Ufology since childhood. He has crossed the country in search of UFO reports as well as animal mutilations. He related that three times he has presented reports to the President as well as The Ministry of Defense.

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