Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hunters Shoot UFO, UFO Fires Back & Then Abducts The Hunters

Saucer and Hunters
Illustration By FW

UFO Connection

     NWSURC received a phone call tonight regarding an incident which occurred 31 years ago in Louisianna involving three hunters and one huge UFO. The incident was never reported until tonight and the reason he finally chose to report the incident was because he was sick and tired of hearing on the television how there was no scientific evidence. The caller says he has physical scientific proof that UFOs really do exist.

     Considering the scope of this story, I felt it best that the witness (caller) send me a full report in writing and in his own words either by mail, email or fax. The witness agreed. A report will be forwarded within the next few days.

     I contacted Stanton Friedman right away to see if we can get someone down to Louisianna to collect some samples.

     In brief: three men were out hunting rabbits late at night when a huge UFO flew over top of them. One hunter fired upon the UFO and the bullet bounced off. Immediately the UFO fired upon the bullet, hitting some trees . . .

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