Monday, June 27, 2005

UPDATE: Xalapa's Newspaper Attempts To Debunk UFO Sighting

Santiago Yturria Garza
Santiago Yturria Garza

By Santiago Yturria Garza
     Last Friday's June 24 UFO sighting over Xalapa has continued causing stir among the local residents and the Mexican ufologic circles due to the nature of the event that took Xalapa´s society, local authorities including governor Fidel Herrera Beltran himself, by surprise.

     The incident was reported by Xalapa's newspapers and TV Azteca on the national television newscast. Their images, video-taped during the official event coverage, have been shown on subsequent newscast editions by their affiliates nationwide. According to he media the incident remains unexplained.

     Today, in a short article in theEl Diario de Xalapa newspaper tried to discount the sighting saying that the objects in the sky were just balloons, released by some kids on Friday morning. El Diario mentioned a single witness as their information source, a seven-year old girl named as "Adriana", a student at a local school, who said some kids released balloons that morning.

     This statement could not be confirmed by the school's principal or by the teachers or students. Assuming this is a lone testimonial it should be investigated further to determine it's validity, however this kid " Adriana " has not been located yet by the researchers.

     It's important to take note of some considerations regarding this story and the implications of the different strata witnesses involved. Besides there are enough materials in video and testimonials to be evaluated as evidence in this investigation and determine the real nature of the event.

     Different from most common UFO sightings in Mexico witnessed by the people, this particular incident was witnessed by a governor and his staff, police department officials and media representatives so we can assume this was, indeed, an 'official' sighting.

     Then we may wonder if it was posible that these local authorities, along with the media were just " fooled " by a bunch of balloons, interrupting an official ceremony converting the formal act into a whole "Fiesta" among the joy and excitement of the people gathered there. The police are trained, experienced officers in matters of recognition. The television people react, most of the time, objectively to this type of sighting incident.

     All of them reacted with surprise at the phenomena and couldn't give any plausible explanation for it. Now the Diario de Xalapa's reporter comes up with a single witness, a kid who said they were balloons, implying all the people at Casa Veracruz were fooled on Friday June 24. Could this be posible? Seems unlikely. More research must be done.

     There are some facts that still have to be answered or explained by that reporter during the course of his investigation and as a consequence of his article.

     Definitively, the most compelling is the length of the sighting,from 10:30 AM to almost 11:00 AM. Questioned how it was posible for a bunch of balloons to remain in that position in the sky for almost 30 minutes, without changing it's pattern. The question was not answered.

     Its interesting that Governor Fidel Herrera Beltran, after some minutes into the sighting, continued reviewing the new police patrol units while the attention of the people was divided from the official act and the UFO spectacle. Sometime later, Governor Herrera returned to the stage and looking again to the sky and realized the UFOs were still there.

     Then he took the microphone again and began counting the objects: "One, two - Thirteen, fourteen..." to the smiles of the people. Quite a unique reaction if those were common ballons.

     This incident will continue to be discussed for sometime and also create a controversy. There are, at this time, several lines of investigation, including an official one. The case is certainly recent and rich in material to be studied and evaluated in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion - if any.

     What we can confirm at this stage is the definite awareness among the Mexican people of this phenomena and their positive reaction confronting these sightings. Now the Mexican authorities are also involved in these strange events, witnessing for themselves what a whole nation has been reporting for quite awhile.


  1. river sighting in Laughlin

  2. I was sho pleased to hear of the sighting in Mexico so much like what my husband and I witnessed in Laughlin, Nv. about the same time and realized what we saw for 3 minutes only was very unusual and I have searched and searched to find v shaped formations of balloon type UFO's they were about 100 feet on each side without any noise of any kind.

  3. I even notified the airpor tower thinking surely they saw something how could they miss such a thing. The boardwalk is usually crowded with people but we were at the end near the River Palm hotel. These somewhat oval shaped objects had to be at least 10-17 ,18 feet in Diameter with at least 6-7 of them on each side. They seem to reflect the lights from the hotel which shown straight up into the sky. My husband and I were in ahh......... we confimed with each other what we saw I listened to his version and he mine. Before it went into the sky it seem to move for sure on one side my husband believes it was both sides moved somewhat like a stingray under water pushes off in movement ( well similiar) as not all of them moved outward just some of them at the end. The colors were not like lights but more as though they were reflected from the hotel lights they seemed almost opal like the color of an opal colors and not specific just like light not quite just like color not quite.
    Susan and Scott
    Please tell me if you've seen sucn a thing

  4. what I had known that Mexico and one time Florida ..had a path rout direction of where ufo's were coming .. now Florida is not the path rout where these things are coming. Mexico has been always one place where these objects has always been mostly sighted.


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