Monday, June 27, 2005

Oklahoma City Man Also Reports Disc

Oklahoma Man Reports Disc
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Sacramento Bee


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  1. I feel there is some thing out there. and the problem is not to going go away. the more people become seeing these it will become more clearer. that the government will not be able to cover up as much as they would like...." there are much advanced civilizations then one can expect. the example lays what we did in the past recent years what we have done to launch probes and un man space vehicles from our earth. to find E.T's and cause there will be different ships going in and coming out from other interstellar universes or worm holes and these unique beings will find this stuff what we've been sending out ..." there is more then one interstellar craft then flying saucers that are just flying around about. as the years the p resist we will be watched more and more what we will be doing to our earth


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