Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Man Sees UFO Two Nights Running


By Eric Tlozek

CHRIS Peacock didn't believe in UFOs - until he saw one two nights in a row.
     The retired bricklayer was star-gazing while he tried to get back to sleep at 3am on Monday.

     Instead he saw something that kept him awake until daybreak.

     "I looked at the stars and then one of them looked like it moved," he said.

     "It became bright, then moved up and down and made weird shapes in the sky."

     Mr Peacock, 53, woke his wife and showed her the object.

     His 20-year-old daughter also saw it as she was getting ready to go to work.

     He said it appeared in the sky north of his CBD apartment, over Mindil Beach and East Point.

     "I had always heard about UFOs and never believed in them," Mr Peacock said.

     "I know it wasn't a plane or a helicopter - it was doing things you know mankind cannot do."

     Peacock said the object continued its apparently random movement across the sky almost until dawn, when it disappeared.

     He dismissed it as a strange phenomenon until he saw it reappear yesterday morning.

     "Whenever I have woken it's been there," he said.

     "You would think someone else would have spotted it."

Mr Peacock said he hoped more people would come forward if they had seen the object.

     "I don't know what to believe except that you have to see it for yourself," he said.

     The Territory is well-known for UFO sightings - Wycliffe Well roadhouse, 380km north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway, once ranked fifth in the world in a study of UFO activity.

     In April, tourists took photos of an object flaring brightly as it crossed the night sky in Central Australia.

     Experts were unable to identify the object but said it could have been a satellite burning up as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere.

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