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Alien Earth Eyes

By Raul Oscar Chaves
CIUFOS- La Pampa (Argentina)
     In 1998, Gregorio T.R., 55, married, a resident of Santa Rosa, La Pampa and a watchman by profession, began to experience recurrent "contact" experiences with a strange entity. These have continued to take place through January 2005.

     While performing his duties as a watchman at a computer school in Santa Rosa one evening, he went to the restroom and caught a glimpse of a strange creature moving behind him as he looked into a mirror. The entity was silver-colored and stood some 7 feet tall.

     This event took place on December 6, 1998.

     It should be noted that on two occasions the computers in the teaching facility were found to have lost their programming the next day, without the causes ever being established.

     On December 28, 1998, a similar experience took place in the same city but at a service station, where the witness also performed security duties. On this occasion, the entity was seen standing upright in a hallway, one hand against the electric circuit breaker panel.

     The entity, startled by the onlooker, spun around clumsily and looked at the witness, who described its gaze as "piercing" and the eyes having a green color. The witness reported feeling an intense burning sensation in its eyes for 30 days.

     In this instance a mental or telepathic "dialogue" ensued in which the witness was told, "not to fear, that while he was not the chosen one, they would nonetheless be in contact with him."

     The witness remained ecstatic, mechanically and involuntarily reaching his hand to his chest and ascertaining that his cardiac rhythm was normal. At no time did he feel excitement or fear.

     On January 23, 1999, while on duty at a gas plant in Santa Rosa, Gregorio detected the presence of these entities without being able to detect them physically. On this occasion he was performing his customary rounds and the time was nearly 0200 hours.

     On this occasion, the witness experienced a "missing time" event with an estimated duration of 3 hours. Upon recovering, he detected moisture on his trousers, which proved to be seminal fluid; his genitals were affected, as evidenced by a state of continuous, persistent and painful erection, showing signs of apparent inflammation. He returned home in a state of crisis and told his wife and relative that he had "been taken by aliens" before breaking down into tears.

     This state of shock lasted some 15 days during which the erection persisted, accompanied by intense pain. The witness achieved some degree of relief by taking extensive sitting baths.

     Gregorio believes that semen was extracted from him, although he ignores the time and the method used.

     In November 2001, while working at the computer school and finding himself in a classroom with work desks, wearing short pants and a t-shirt, Gregorio fell into a dreamlike state: he thought that the classroom was completely empty while he felt his body temperature rising, causing him to break into abundant sweat. This circumstance prompted him to undress and wring out his clothes, leaving a puddle of water on the floor after doing so.

     Subsequently, he headed for the yard, where he recovered from his fugue state, ascertaining that his clothes were dry. Faced with this, he headed back to the classroom in order to see if his experience had been a dream or not: he found the puddle described earlier.

     In December 2002 he performed security duties at the service station and suddenly became aware of the Entity's presence. This prompted him to go sit on a box in order to avoid the contact experience. He suffered an estimated 3-hour time loss at this point, and was unable to recall what happened.

     On January 1, 2003, while on security duty in Santa Rosa and in the company of his wife, since it was New Year's Day, he saw the same Entity in the vicinity but no contact took place. He felt the urge to inform his wife of the experience but chose not to, unable to explain the cause of his refusal.

     The last contact event occurred at 15:00 hours on January 21, 2005.

     On this occasion, the witness was acting as an employee/driver for a distribution company in La Pampa.

He was returning from [the town of] General Acha, located 115 km south of Santa Rosa, heading for the "Padre Buodo" Rest Area and Shelter on Provincial Route 152 and from there to Santa Rosa along National Route 35.

     At some 110 km from Acha he began to feel restless and nervous, and decided to open the passenger side window of his vehicle - a Ford 100 pick-up truck - only to discover that the strange entity from his previous contact experiences was sitting beside him.

     Gregorio T.R. recalls that a powerful storm was taking place at the time, with strong winds and significant loss of visibility. The sky turned dark and the other vehicles driving along the road were seeking shelter from the meteorological phenomenon.

     Subsequently, the witness reacted and regained awareness, pulling over his vehicle and getting off. He discovered that he was on Route 35 and very close to Ataliva Roca, a town some 40 km distant from Santa Rosa. The estimated time required to cover the aforementioned distance he calculates in some 20 minutes, a fact that disconcerted him, since his habitual driving speed is some 60 kmh.

     He also verified that he had never made a delivery at the "Padre Buodo" Rest Area, nor could he remember how he reached Ataliva Roca, being unable to remember any details of what happened during that leg of the trip.

     It should be noted that during the "telepathic dialogues" he is told not to share his experiences with anyone at all, nor make them public, and that the contact events would repeat whenever they were necessary or required.

     Also noteworthy is that the materialization of the Entity occurred first through the mirror, where the body's details first began to appear and acquire shape, like a hologram, with the facial features and the body. He subsequently saw that it had acquired the physiognomy of a human being.

     His family discusses these experiences seldom, depending on the listener, stating that given the nature of his job, the witness feels no fear whatsoever and at all times feels protected and looked after.

     Gregorio T.R. also states feeling extremely active and vibrant, especially in sexual matters. He has discovered his ability to "assimilate electricity" (sic), a capacity hitherto unknown and whose causes he ignores.

     Faced with this new experience, he insists on not wanting to offer greater explanations or details, considering that restating circumstances as the ones indicated above lead him to believe that he is faced with a phenomenon that is beyond his control, feeling calm and resigned about it.

     He adds that [the entity] could be a robot or a humanoid, since while its appearance is human, its attitude and gestures are "mechanical" and somewhat clumsy, especially when walking.

     The witness comes from as state school background and while he offers no greater details, he is extremely coherent in his statements. In this researcher's opinion, the experiences described are fully credible.


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