Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Canadian Fim Crew Visits Site of 'UFO Daze'

Bill Benson
Bill Benson

‘What Were They Thinking!’

By Robert Ireland
The Reporter

     DUNDEE—A Canadian television production company met with UFO enthusiasts Monday at Benson’s Holiday Hide-A-Way to speak with bar patrons about their experiences with aliens.

     The film team from Vancouver is stopping at different sites throughout the United States and Canada filming a television show called “What Were They Thinking!” The show is scheduled to premiere in Vancouver in September and may appear later in the United States . . ..

      Benson’s owner Bill Benson says his pace is UFO headquarters. Benson said the reason the bar hosts UFO Daze every year is because many UFO sightings have been reported over Long Lake.

     Last year, UFO Daze attracted around 300 people from eight states. Benson said more than 100 people have witnessed UFO sightings during UFO Daze.

     “We decided to have UFO Daze so people could tell their stories without being laughed at,” Benson said.

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