Monday, May 16, 2005

UFOs Spotted Over Melbourne

Orange UFOs Over Ferntree Gully

By Mathew Schulz
The Herald Sun

     WHAT are orange, hover high in the sky over the eastern suburbs and form strange, intricate patterns?

     If witnesses to the strange phenomenon seen on Friday night are to be believed, the answer could be alien spaceships.

     The mystery developed at 10.30pm when about a dozen of the orange lights were seen hovering over Ferntree Gully.

     Tim Webster, 23, of Upwey, admits he was looking forward to an alien abduction as he photographed the lights on his phone-camera.

     "I was really hoping they were going to land. I was like, 'Take me! Take me!' Seriously, the galaxy is too big for us to be alone.

     "They were too high for fireworks, higher than a jet and creating patterns that no aircraft could ever do."

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  1. 31/01/2015 around 2:30 am my brother and I saw an orange oval shaped UFO on the S/E horizon from Melbourne. It hovered along the horizon at a steady pace for around ten seconds and then shot off at a 45 degree angle and disappeared.


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