Monday, May 09, 2005

UFOlogy Debunker's Tool kit

UFO Debunking Tools

The Daily Doubter

     I confess. Up until the age of about 15 I believed that aliens were visiting this planet. This I thought, was a plausible scientifically rational belief, and a credulous media only helped to reinforce this notion. But then something happened: I learned about false memories, I learned about temporal lobe epilepsy, I read about special relativity, and I noticed how skeptical voices were often unheard in the media ; I saw the Heavensgate cult. I put the pieces together and I realized that my belief in UFO's was nothing more than a 20th century sci-fi superstition.

Considering the number of Americans that believe in UFO visitation I thought it would be beneficial to compile an internet resource guide as a means of helping to demystify UFO mythology. So without further ado I present . . ..

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