Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Spying On The Government

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Area 51
Area 51

A UC Berkeley geographer maps the secret military bases of the American West – where billions of dollars disappear into creepy clandestine projects.

By A.C. Thompson
The San Francisco Bay Guardian

     IT STARTED WITH an e-mail inviting me to join an expedition to Area 51, the secret military site in the Nevada backcountry.

     "Let me be clear about this," wrote Trevor Paglen, the 30-year-old geographer leading the trek. "The trip will not be easy. It might not even be that fun, depending on your attitude, how well-prepared you are, and what you consider fun. The weather is unpredictable – it could be really hot or really cold, or (most likely) both.... If you are not in reasonable shape, or are without proper equipment, you will die. Seriously."

     Despite the less-than-inviting invitation, I was intrigued. For five decades Area 51 has been the military's heart of darkness, the core of its "black world" of classified research and development, a place that appears on no maps, and, officially, has no name. The U.S. government will divulge nothing about the site, except that it's an "operating location" overseen by the U.S. Air Force. Everything else – including the most seemingly mundane facts – is classified in the name of national security.

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