Monday, May 30, 2005

No Time To Think

Franck Fontaine Cropped
Franck Fontaine - Alleged Alien Abductee

By Jeff Wells
Rigorous Intuition
     Most people who give any thought to UFOs won't - and even self-described "Ufologists" can't - devote the kind of energy and attention to the study of the phenomenon that it actually merits. As in many pursuits, there really isn't much money to be made on the serious end of things. (If you want to perpetrate hoaxes, create a new religion or dumb down the data for mass consumption, that's another matter.) There's no "Ufology" career path; it's an all-amateur effort, squeezed in around the edges of peoples' ordinary lives.

     This puts the public at a huge disadvantage, because powerful forces have been at work for a long time to confuse and deceive us by manipulating the phenomenon. And some of these forces are even human.

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