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Brazilian Ufology Manifesto

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A. J. Gevaerd,
editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
head, Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU)
     Here is the translation into English of the Brazilian Ufology Manifesto, officially presented to the Commander of the Air Force, the Minister of Defense and to the President of Brazil, on May 20th.

The document has been accepted and there is a strong promise that the Brazilian UFO researchers requests will be achieved. The first step was the sucessfull gathering with the military in Brasilia.

Brazilian Ufology Manifesto

     Brasília (DF), May 20th, 2005

     To: The Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Air Brigadier Luis      Carlos da Silva Bueno, Brasília (DF)

     The Brazilian Ufological Community, represented by individual ufologists as well as by research groups, investigators, scholars, and people interested in Ufology who undersigned the document prepared for this purpose, expresses its opinion by means of this document prepared under the coordination of Revista UFO in order to address Brazilian authorities represented herein by the eminent President of Brazil and the eminent Commander of the Air Force, to present the following:

     (1) It is widely known that the UFO Phenomenon, noticed with the constant visits of spacecraft to our planet Earth, is genuine, real, and consistent, and so is independently confirmed by civil ufologists, as well as by military authorities worldwide for more than 50 years.

     (2) The Phenomenon had already had its origin sufficiently identified as far from our planetary borders. The spacecraft which so insistently visit our planet come from other civilizations, perhaps technologically more advanced than ours, and inhabit the same universe we do, although we do not know their worlds and origins.

     3) Such civilizations are in a clear and unquestionable process of continuous approach to Earth and to our planetary society and, by acting this way in its maneuvers and activities, in most cases do not show any hostility to us.

     (4) It is clear that visits from such non-terrestrial civilizations to our planet are gradually increasing over the last years, according to domestic and international statistics, both in number and intensity, consisting of something which requires legitimate attention.

     (5) Considering all this, the establishment of an official program for acknowledgement, information, research, and public disclosure of the subject is urgent, in order to clarify to all Brazilians the undeniable and ever increasing extraterrestrial presence in our planet Earth.

     Thus, considering measures publicly adopted in different moments of our History by countries like Chile, Belgium, Spain, France, Uruguay, and China, which already acknowledged the seriousness and urgency of the problem, we respectfully recommend the Command of the Air Force of the Federative Republic of Brazil, or any of its bodies, from now on, to prepare an appropriate policy to discuss this issue in the necessary environments, formats, and levels.

     The Brazilian Ufological Community, in the name of all undersigned participants of the aforementioned document, with full support of the worldwide ufological community, wants to voluntarily offer its knowledge, efforts, and dedication in order to make this proposal a reality so that we have the immediate acknowledgement of the UFO Phenomenon.

     Thus, as a foundation stone in this process, which is to be the symbol of a positive action from our authorities, the Brazilian Ufological Community respectfully asks the Command of the Air Force to disclose its files concerning at least three specific episodes, which are specifically significant about the presence of unidentified flying objects in our Territory:

     (a) The Operation Prato, carried out by the I Regional Air Command (COMAR) of Belém (PA), from September to December of 1977, which produced a bulky file with more than 500 pictures and several movies about UFO maneuvers in the Amazon region, as confirmed by Colonel Uyrangê Bolívar Soares de Hollanda Lima.

     (b) The mass ufological wave occurred in May 1986 over the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, among others, when more than 20 unidentified flying objects were observed, detected by radars, and pursued by jets of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), as informed by the then minister of Air Force himself, air
brigadier Octávio Moreira Lima.

     (c) The Varginha Case, happened in that city in the state of Minas Gerais on May 20th, 1996, in which members of the Brazilian Armed Forces, by means of the School of Sergeants of the Arms (EsSA), and members of the local corporation of the Fire Brigade captured at least two beings of non-terrestrial origin, according to abundant documentation obtained by ufologists and testimonials spontaneously provided by members of the military bodies which took part in the capture, treatment, and removal of the creatures.

     Being absolutely aware that Brazilian civil and military authorities have never neglected the situation which has been monitored with care and attention throughout last decades, and on behalf of the Brazilian National Security, we consider that the measures aforementioned are to establish the beginning of a prosperous and profitable partnership.

     Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU), representing the Brazilian UFO Community

A. J. Gevaerd (coordinator),
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas de Discos Voadores (CBPDV),
Editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

Claudeir Covo,
Instituto Nacional de Investigacao
de Fenômenos Aeroespaciais (INFA),
Co-editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

Marco Antonio Petit,
Associacao Fluminense de Estudos Ufologicos (AFEU),
Co-editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

Rafael Cury,
Núcleo de Pesquisas Ufologicas (NPU),
Associacao Nacional dos Ufologos do Brasil (ANUB).

Reginaldo de Athayde,
Centro de Pesquisas Ufologicas (CPU),
Co-editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

Fernando de Aragao Ramalho,
Entidade Brasileira de Estudos Extraterrestres (EBE-ET),
Consultant of the Brazilian UFO Magazine

[Translation by Eduardo Rado]

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  1. I think in section (b) the intended word was "pursued" and not "persecuted" :-)

    I think persecution of these objects would not have been our best interest :-)


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