Thursday, May 12, 2005

All The Cool Aliens Are Heading to McMinnville

Mcminnville UFO

Keynote speaker for the UFO Festival says he removes alien implants

By Angela Yeager
The Statesman Journal

     The UFO Festival in McMinnville brings out the believers and the nonbelievers each year.

     It is the mingling of the serious alien enthusiasts with those who just want to party while wearing antennas that makes this festival so unique and interesting.

     The sixth annual festival, which is today through Saturday, was created to celebrate the legacy of the famous Trent abduction case in McMinnville. There also is a parade and an alien costume ball as well as a film festival.

     Alien experts also will converge to talk about crop circles and alien implants with the kind of seriousness usually reserved for PERS.

      The keynote speaker is Roger Leir, a California podiatrist who has written five books on the subject of alien implants.

     He has performed 11 surgeries to date to remove "alien implants" from abductees. He performs the surgeries for free through his nonprofit organization, A&S Research. Leir also was a consultant on the TV show "X-Files" and has appeared on programs on the History Channel and SciFi Channel.

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  1. I had to do a double take. I looked at the interview on the source page and I saw the interviewer was "SJ". I thought to myself I don't remember conducting this interview

  2. Hello, I'm a puertorican citizen, a couple days ago I saw a few circular lights over a mountain here in Yauco,PR . First I thought it was a plane, but it didn't move so I notice it was a UFO and as soon I find out I called my mom and told her and she was like... could be it ?... but in a few seconds it turn backwards and desappeared. And this a is my expirience with an UFO.


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