Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Have Scientists Just Proven Bob Lazar Right on Alien Antigravity Systems?

Bob Lazar

By Tom Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter

     In 1989, Robert Scott Lazar claimed to have worked as a physicist at a hidden base referred to as S4 on a highly classified project involving back engineering of alien technology, antigravity and antimatter propulsion. Stanton Friedman doesn't believe him. But have scientists just proven Lazar was right all along?

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  1. This seems like another one of those coincidences that I can't walk away from I think it was back in May of 2005 I was a Brian Vikes guest on the Jeff Rense show and once again in 2006! I was explaining a sighting I had in which I witnessed two things Bob Lazar had stated about the craft and the propulsion system! Two disc's came right over me and they both displayed a glow in the dark white plazma around the craft and when they both banked 45 degrees at the exact same time and even though I was seeing them both perfect with my binoculars they just simply disappeared! Of cours Jeff was trieng to convince me that they just go that fast! Well as a witness to the event I completlly felt that they indeed just jump! Bob said when they decide to leave our atmoshere they bank 45 degrees and just jump Also he stated that with the propulsion system they use it lights up the gases in our atmosphere and I witnessed that too! Also I had seen other craft with that erie white glow and never any sound! Yes I strongly feel Bob was telling the truth and I have always been bothered by all the respect I had for Stan but I know he is wrong on this one because of what I personally witnessed and can't understand why Stan would be so eager to debunk him! He must know by now how these elitists work and if they want all traces of Bob gone surely he has to understand how easy it is to do! I hope the truth comes out but this is one person who believes Bob

  2. Bob is another galileo. Let's hope it's not 400 years before the rest of the world finally gets it.

  3. I think Stan Friedman is afraid Bob Lazar will take all his work. He's the competition..

  4. I have seen so many flying saucers in Canada that I know he is telling it all..hats off for hero

  5. Link to more... above is not working

  6. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Stan is one of the highest profile scientists in the world to be brave enough to go against the flow and speak up on, not his personal belief of UFO/ET visitation, but rather he embraces the subject as an absolute unquestionable reality, and rightly so for the evidence & testimony of many high profile credentialled witnesses have come forward as such over the decades to prove this is the case. Sadly the same can not be said for the mainsteam scientific community who only pull their head out of their buckets of sand to deny - backed up as they are by the ridicule flavored censorship of mainstream media.
    While it is unfortunate Stan has taken such a hard line scrutiny against Bob Lazar, I can well understand the risk Stan would feel he would be taking if the world looked upon Bob as a fraud. The immense credibility & influence Stan has managed to bring to the ET subject would be quickly pounced upon and shredded to pieces by those hardline debunkers just waiting to bring Stan down, and Bob would be their ticket. As for Bob, I have no reason to doubt that he is an honest and very intelligent physicist who has been 'processed' by the powers that be to have have credibility destroyed. I look forward to the day when Bob is seen with much greater respect


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