Wednesday, April 20, 2005

UFO Investigator Ruben Uriarte To Speak in Hayward


AARP presents investigator's talk on UFOs

The DAily Review

     HAYWARD — Trying to explain paranormal phenomena has never been at the top of AARP's nationwide agenda, but the local chapter believes retirees might have something to learn about unidentified flying objects.

     UFO investigator Ruben Uriarte of Union City plans to address local retirees during an AARP meeting today at the Hayward Public Library's Weekes Branch on Patrick Avenue.

     Uriarte, 53, the Northern California director of the Mutual UFO Network and a maintenance employee at the New Haven Unified School District, said more and more Bay Area residents are overcoming ridicule to report UFO sightings.

     Uriarte said the Central Valley skyline over Interstate 5 is one of the top spots for sightings.

     "I think people are just becoming more aware," Uriarte said. "There's better communication through the Internet and outreach efforts."

     Uriarte said more reported UFO sightings also mean more hoaxes, but he said his organization has interviewers trained to determine whethersightings could be legitimate.

     "They could be mistaken for other things, but our role is to investigate," Uriarte said.
     "What they are looking for, a lot of times, is an explanation, and we try to provide that."

     Uriarte is scheduled to give a historical overview of the subject of UFOs, along with crop circles.

     The talk is free and expected to begin at 1:30 p.m. and last until about 3 p.m.

     The Weekes Branch is located at 27300 Patrick Ave.


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