Friday, April 08, 2005

India and It’s ‘Inside track’ On The UFO Phenomenon

By Frank Warren

India or more accurately, “” seems to have intimate knowledge of UFOs and their occupants.

Ever wonder about UFOs, about their origin, if extraterrestrials are visiting our planet? Are you curious about “alleged alien abductions” or government cover-ups? Well, wonder no longer, as it appears that an “un-named 'staff reporter(s)' at India Daily" has an “inside track” to this information.

With the thought of our “Indian brethren” being on the leading edge of Ufology, I thought I would ask the editor of the web-site for some help; perhaps with some assistance from their “crack staff reporters” we can elevate the level of our own research. To that end I wrote the following “letter to the editor”:

Dear Sirs,

As of late I have noticed several articles dealing with the UFO phenomenon appearing at your web-site. The majority of these articles are under the byline of "an anonymous staff reporter"; in addition many declarations have been made concerning, UFOs, government conspiracies, extraterrestrial contact, etc.

I have found these articles to be most intriguing and would like to do some independent research; would you be so kind to provide some contact names?

For example:

In an article entitled, "Reverse engineering extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts – the floating versions of UFOs," written by a "staff reporter," dated 3-26-05, he or she wrote, " Oceanographers and Naval engineers are investigating certain phenomena that show evidence of the presence of extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts – the floating versions of UFOs; further in the article it was written, "The scientists and engineers are finding solid evidences that these crafts are present in many numbers under our oceans though undetected and invisible in regular human eyes."

In rereading the article several times, I didn't see where it was written anywhere that the names of the "oceanographers and naval engineers, and later, "the scientists and engineers" were being withheld for any reason; that said I was wondering if I could get those names as to further the research?

In addition there was mention of "UFO researchers" who made comment, as well as, "divers" who have witnessed these underwater crafts; can you disclose those names?

In another article entitled, "We are visited and controlled by UFOs from the M15 Globular Star Cluster – the densest Black Hole driven 'Core Cluster' – the capital of the Universe," dated 3-6-05 and written by presumably the same "staff reporter," there are quotes published from "un-named astrophysicists," could you provide the names of these individuals for follow-up research?

I was especially interested in the article entitled, "More evidence of Extra Terrestrial contacts with Indian Government and Military," written by "Juhi Singhal," Special Correspondent; however, to my surprise, there wasn't any article at all, only "Billy Meir photographs" of alleged "extraterrestrial flying saucers." I'm sure that was an oversight; in any event I would very much appreciate a copy of that article with names of those in the government/miltary that have shared the information.

Today there was a very exciting article entitled, "Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO communications systems provides clues to human multidimensional consciousness and existence." In it the "Staff reporter" writes, "scientists and engineers have found evidence that extraterrestrial communication systems stretches multi dimensions," yet omits what the evidence is, as well as the names of the "scientists and engineers." Please divulge the names of these individuals so further research can be performed.

As well as the afore mentioned pieces, as a "student of Ufology" I would appreciate "any" leads, sources, names, documents, witnesses, photographs etc., you can provide in regards to the multitude of articles that have appeared on your web-site.

Of course it would be understandable if certain "government entities" would prefer to be anonymous, please make a notation of said individuals, and which articles they pertain to; with that exception, certainly all others (names etc.) should be forthcoming.

It seems obvious that your web-site is enthusiastic in regards to enlightening the public about the "UFO phenomenon," and in that vein, I hope I'm not asking to much of you, and or your staff reporters . . . furthering the research is the common goal.

Thank You,
Frank Warren

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