Thursday, April 14, 2005

Alien Abduction in Deer Lodge Montana?

Film claims town attracts alien visitors

By Martin J. Kidston
The Independent Record

     DEER LODGE — Stories in this dusty cow town come a dime a dozen, hardly a surprise given its hold on the old prison, the new state prison, its historic cattle ranch, and its fabled car museum. But here, 50 miles southwest of Helena, stories of a different sort have become the talk of the town — stories exposed by a former Deer Lodge resident and her new docudrama, "The Secret of Redgate."

     From her Texas home, Lynda Cowen, a 1963 graduate of Powell County High School, attributed the making of her new film to her brother's own UFO encounters as a kid. The results have propelled Deer Lodge to the front of Montana's most mysterious destinations.

     "My brother consciously remembers having a lot of encounters with aliens as a child — playing with them as a child," Cowen explained. "We didn't know anything about them growing up."

     The stories came out years later, grabbing Cowen's interest. She met writer Jim Marrs through her "remote viewing" classes in Texas, and together, the two decided to investigate the stories.

     Cowen returned to her old stomping ground, surprised at how many Deer Lodge residents were willing to come forward with their experiences. She soon had more stories than she could use in her movie.

     "We went back to Deer Lodge for two weeks and found out there were a lot of people with this experience, all the way from young high-school kids to people in their 80s," Cowen said. "No one ever talked about this stuff growing up."

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