Thursday, March 17, 2005

UFOs and Underground Bases

Underground Extra-terrestrial UFO bases all around the world – a mind boggling theory

Staff Reporter
India Daily

Geologists in the East and West coasts are busy understanding a new theory that shows possible underground UFO bases all around the world.

According to this theory the UFO bases are along the interface of the seven large and many small tectonic plates meet each other. According to the UFO researchers, the underground UFO bases are deep under the ground where multiple tectonic plates push on top of each other. For example the Indian plate and Eurasian plates colliding against each other along the Himalayas makes it an ideal locations.

According to this theory, the UFO bases need to be deep under the ground because the UFO crafts need to be close to the mantle of the earth. Servicing of these crafts can be done in that electromagnetic environment only. In addition according to this theory the crust must be as thick as possible in that area. That is only available where one tectonic plate moves on top of another tectonic plate.

The UFO researchers are now predicting that there are many UFO bases at the sub-tectonic level. Most of these are in remote areas or under the ocean.

The UFO vehicles according to these researchers are fuelled and serviced in an environment that has much higher electromagnetic flux.

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