Monday, March 14, 2005

“UFO” Spotted Over Oregon, Washington!

Space Junk, Meteor or ET?

By Frank Warren

Portland, Oregon - Local media outlets began receiving reports of what was described as a “fireball” whizzing across the night sky at approximately 8:00 pm Saturday evening. (March 12th).

Witnesses reported seeing the “flaming object” from the “Newport area” south, to Vancouver, Washington in the north; although the reports varied about the color, quantity and flight path of the object(s), the time of the event was consistent. (7:45 pm-8:00 pm)

An observer in Forest Grove said, “it looked like a huge green comet flying across the sky. It disappeared behind some hills.“

A witness living in Siletz said, “at 19:44 this night 3-12-05 I was talking on the phone to my daughter when we both saw an object in the western sky. I was sitting and looking west out my window when I saw it. It seemed to fall over the west hills here."

Another eyewitness near Klatskanie reported, “It was a perfectly round green object with an orange comet-like tail. It dropped below the horizon of the hills and appeared to have been capable of hitting the ground.”

A family driving near the “Tillamook Airport” stated, “my family and I saw something in the sky, looked like a slow moving ball of fire with a tail . . .. It just 'went out' when it got close to the ground. It was an exciting sight to see. I called 911 and they were working on other reports of it. We are wondering who else has reported it."

A woman in Portland reported, “ . . . I was looking at the moon which looked interesting since you could clearly see the dark side. Something caught my eye up and to the left of the moon facing west and over Mt. Tabor. I saw what appeared to be falling star. The 'star' continued to fall at a diagonal and very quick rate of speed. It then changed shape, more oblong and cutting quite a path with green and orange colors. It fell behind Mt. Tabor. I did not hear anything, which lends me to believe it struck the earth a lot farther away than where I would think it would have. It was quite large and I am sure it did not burn up before striking the earth. I was with two others who saw the same thing . . .. “

A Washington resident while driving in Vancouver said, “ . . .Driving S. near I-5 & 179th St. in Vancouver, WA (near Clark County Fair grounds) 7:55 pm 3/12. Observed flaming green and orange ball of fire (Possible Meteorite?) streaking across sky from east to west. Looked very large. Fell beyond sight range to west of freeway.”

A couple and their neighbor from Forest Grove declared, “ . . . while BBQ’ing in our neighbor’s backyard we saw a large, greenish-yellow ball streak across the sky. The time was approximately 7:40pm. It was amazing and big. We saw two flashes as it went behind a hillside that is approximately 2 miles west. My wife said that she heard a slight boom, but I did not seem too hear it. It may be because I was so excited about what we were witnessing.”

A gentlemen and his grandson residing in Bandon, Oregon stated, “ . . . We are a block off the ocean and when it disappeared over rooftops of houses, there seem to be two large flashes as it hit the ocean."

An airline pilot in West Salem reported, “ . . . at about 7:45pm I saw a most amazing sight. It was a huge, bright, blue/white meteorite that I believe hit the earth because I saw an explosion light up the sky in the west. I live in West Salem and it appeared to hit due west about 25-50 miles away . . . I am 53 years old, have traveled the world, and seen many amazing things. This tops them all."

An amateur astronomer said, “I was just outside with my telescope, (I live just south of Lebanon, Or.) Between 8:40 and 8:45, when an extremely bright light behind me caused me to turn around. In the western sky, there was an enormous, white, fireball falling straight down. It wasn't moving particularly fast, and I probably observed it for 5 to 10 seconds. It left a trail of bright yellowish debris, like sparks, behind it, and appeared to burn out just before reaching the horizon. I have never seen anything like this before and I have know idea what it was.”

The following statement made by a “Cathlamet, Washington” resident is possible evidence where one of the objects impacted the earth: “I live in Cathlamet, WA and have a view from up on a hill. I saw the object fly from south to north at about 7:30 or so. It had a green tail and shot extremely fast from the sky and came down above the hills of Clatskanie or a bit farther where I saw it break apart kind of like a firework. It blew up in bright white and yellow crackles 'I could hear the explosion from my house' [emphasis added].”

It is unknown at this time if there will be any “official investigation” in regards to the “alleged impact site(s).”


  1. Thank you for taking time to share what you witnessed; hopefully others will follow suit!


  2. i have seen many neon green comets falling : first time in show low AZ 1996ish i saw two in one morning 640am news reports claim meteorites from mars. later April 2004 king man AZ i saw 2 in the evening twilight towards the Hualapai Mountain and in december early morning 2ish the most memorable neon green falling object alarmingly large in size silently fell then it seemed to hit the atmosphere or something because it exploded ,lighting the whole sky up a bright neon green color then it doubled in size ,i could have seen smoke, not sure though. it got smaller in size the closer to the ground it got, and burnt out without a sound in the distant desert towards Bull mountain. so intense! i was reading a newspaper in a dream later that year \ had an article claiming the military was experimenting with TELEPORTATION THROUGH WORMHOLES, post PHILADELPHIA Experiment like tests possibly, i heard a neon green mist engulfed the ocean liner before it disappeared , btw kingman and showlow are both highly active when it comes to ufo activity , check the town names , i believe kingman is an alien safe zone/ manifesting thought forms /apparitions/whole community used as government experiments/ zoo. it'll have to be a blog or book ha ha ha not kidding. anyways, if your reading this its no coincidence you saw these words for a reason.


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