Friday, March 04, 2005

Richard Hall's Take On The Jennings' Show

By Richard Hall

I was among the many serious UFO advocates whose videoed interviews and other contributed materials were left on the cutting room floor by the Peter Jennings Production people. Am I upset? No, it goes far beyond that. I am angry, depressed, and feeling that my almost lifetime effort to fight for serious attention to UFOs has come to naught, and here I am.... well, most of the images I think of are X-rated.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration asked me to review the program, so I did that for them. In that review I tell about my extensive interactions with several members of the production staff and all the material that I provided to them, only to feel like Charley Brown once again as Lucy pulled the football away at the last minute. What they told me the program would be, and what all of us viewed, are two quite different things.

I am beyond fed up, I'm outta here. I'm an old firehouse dog, so I am likely to jump up and follow the fire engine and start barking when provoked to do so, but the ignorant crap of the Greer's, Salla's, and other 'disclosure' freaks (not to mention the skeptibunkers) turns me off so totally that I can't help but wonder about who they are and where they are coming from, and whether they are disinformation agents. Yes, I am becoming paranoid, but not about government plots - "the government" is too diffuse and disorganized to be suspect - but instead about what some arrogant, self-serving, sub-group of government and their handmaidens may be up to.

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