Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Area 51 is Still a Puzzle

From Robert Ramano

On 08/19/55, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an executive order restricting the airspace over Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada. The dry, lake bed remains restricted airspace to this day. Down through the past half century , the restricted area has grown both on the ground and in the air (over 22x20 nautical miles).

Only a handful of investigators make a serious effort to find out the commonly assumed 'secret' of Groom Lake. The rest of us have seemed to accept Area 51, Dreamland, (Groom Lake and Papoose Lake) as an area where the US government tests experimental aircraft. It is comfortable for us to believe that.

Wouldn't it be sadly disappointing if it WAS only a place for the Air Force to test planes? Do we want alien spacecraft to be out there?

If you have lived in Las Vegas, or any of the towns nearby, for any length of time, you know several people that have worked at the Nevada test site. That is, the overall site, including the Nellis Air Force Range, and possibly one or two that worked close to or in Area 51. Do they talk about it? No, they don't. They may answer an insignificant question or two. They might even make an occasional comment that leaves you thinking, but for the most part, they seem types that will take their secrets, if any, to the grave.

In the late 1980s, early 90s, copies of Bob Lazar's tape of the alien ships passed freely from person to person and office to office in Las Vegas. We stirred at his credible explanation of gravity propelled engines, but remained skeptical that the US Government would keep all of alien spaceships in one small area while they did research on them.

It makes for great science fiction. It also gives Nevada some unusual sites for tourist to visit; The Extraterrestrial Highway (the official name for Nevada Highway 375), The Little A'Le'Inn of Rachel, Nevada, and The Nevada Test Site ( Tours of the site where the US tested their nuclear bombs since 1951, run from Las Vegas every month).

All too soon, we will have another area of international interest in our state, America's high level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain .

Now, if I were a writer of science fiction, I think that I would have to elaborate on a plot that had an underground tunnel (about 50 miles long) giving the folks at Area 51, access to the depleted, but not dead, radioactive waste so they can operate the duplicate little UFOs that we produce and maintain there. Of course!

We hope that Area 51 did not move to Utah as reported by some folks. We sort of liked having it around all these years. It feels as though it should be part of southern Nevada.

What's out there?

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