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The Pascagoula Alien Abduction – Smoking Gun Puncture Wounds Document & Photos

Charles Hickson (left) & Calvin Parker in 1973
     In 2018 I published the book ‘Pascagoula-The Closest Encounter’ (ad) by Calvin Parker. The book details Calvin Parker’s alien abduction experience that took place on the Pascagoula River on October 11th, 1973. For those who are not aware of what some call the best documented case of its kind I will outline the details of what happened:

PASCAGOULA, October 11th, 1973.

On the evening of October 11th, 1973, 42-year-old Charles
Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker — co-workers at a shipyard — were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flashing blue lights, and reported that an oval shaped "craft", some 8 feet across and 8 or more feet high, suddenly appeared near them. The ship seemed to levitate about 2 feet above the ground. A door opened on the ship, they said, and three creatures emerged and seized the men, floating or levitating them into the craft. Both men reported being paralyzed and numb. Parker claimed that he had fainted due to fright. They described the creatures as being roughly humanoid in shape and standing about five feet tall.

Pascagoula encounter by Alberto Forgione
Artist impression of the encounter by Alberto Forgione
The creatures' skin was pale in colour and wrinkled, and they had no eyes that the men could discern, and slits for mouths. Their heads also appeared connected directly to their shoulders, with no discernible neck. There were three "carrot-like" growths instead - one where the nose would be on a human, the other two where ears would normally be. The beings had lobster-like claws at the ends of their arms, and they seemed to have only one leg (Hickson later described the creatures' lower bodies looking as if their legs were fused together) ending in elephant-like feet. Hickson also reported that the creatures moved in mechanical, robotic ways.

On the ship, Hickson claimed that he was somehow levitated or hovered a few feet above the floor of the craft and was examined by what looked like a large football-shaped mechanical eye, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, that seemed to scan his body. Parker claimed that he could not recall what had happened to him inside the craft, although later, during sessions of hypnotic regression he offered some hazy details. The men were released after about 15-20 minutes and the creatures levitated them, with Hickson's feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank. Both men said they were terrified by what had happened. They claimed to have sat in a car for about 45 minutes, trying to calm themselves. Hickson drank a small amount of whiskey.

After some discussion, they tried to report their story to officials at Keesler Air Force Base, but personnel told them the United States Air Force had nothing to do with UFO reports and suggested the men notify police. At about 10:30 p.m., Hickson and Parker arrived at the Jackson County, Mississippi Sheriff's office. They brought the catfish they'd caught while fishing; it was the only proof they had to back up their story. Sheriff Fred Diamond thought the men seemed sincere and genuinely frightened and he thought Parker was especially disturbed. While writing his book Calvin Parker informed me that while onboard the UFO and laid out on a see-through table of some kind, his pants, shoes and socks were removed. He does not like talking about this at all I might add. Calvin informed me that something was stuck into his foot underneath and that it hurt.


After the book was published and became a best-seller on Amazon.com I continued my search for any formal documentation related to the incident as any that had been in the possession of Calvin Parker had been washed away by hurricane Katrina. I contacted all of the major UFO groups one of which included the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in the USA. They were very obliging and sent me a PDF file of what they had on the case. Most of what they sent was newspaper cuttings but buried in the middle of this file was a very curious and possible ‘smoking gun’ type-written document.

Although this document, dated 13th of October 1973, just two days after the alien encounter, is unsigned and it was written by Dr. James Harder. We know it was written by Dr. Harder as he was the only person to examine the witnesses which has been confirmed by Calvin Parker. Dr. James Harder’s academic credentials are as follows: BS (Caltech), MS, Ph.D., (U.C. Berkeley). He is a Fellow, AAAS; Life Member, ASCE; and Founding Member, Society for Scientific Exploration. Professor Emeritus, U.C. Berkeley. He was also a director of the UFO research group APRO.

Dr. Harder along with Dr J. Allen Hynek were on site in Pascagoula within 36 hours of the event happening. They interviewed Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson and at a press conference confirmed that they believed what the witnesses were saying.

This ‘smoking gun’ document and photos has never been seen in public before and can only add to the authenticity of Calvin Parker & Charles Hickson’s testimony. Charles Hickson died in 2011 but Calvin Parker has this to say about this document:

“At the time of my abduction on October 11th, 1973, when the alien reached out to take me on board the ship. From the first time I saw them it was the fear I felt that is hard to describe. I just knew I would not live through this fear. As the alien made contact to my left arm I heard a whisk of what I thought was air then all at once I got became really relaxed then all the fear was gone. Later on, after being examined by Dr. James Harder I heard him telling Dr Hynek that I had a puncture marks on my arm and later at the hospital I found out that I was given not one shot but two shots the second was while I was on board the craft. This document simply confirms what I have always known and that is both Charlie and I were given injections by these creatures and we had the puncture wounds to prove it.”
The puncture wounds document in full
The puncture wounds document in full


I have been involved in UFO research for decades and spent a great deal of time investigating UFO events first-hand. At no time have we ever come across any official documentation that confirms that ‘puncture wounds’ as described by the witnesses, have had their claims officially documented by a professional in such a manner. For us this is a world first. Charles Hickson’s encounter and his description of feeling a prick on his inner forearm when grabbed by the creatures now seems to have been confirmed as does Calvin Parker’s assertion that something was stuck into the underside of his foot and that it hurt him while on board the UFO. The document in question mentions that photos of these marks were taken. No photos were located in the file but that was not the end of things.

Many of our colleagues involved in UFO research know that I am constantly on the lookout for any information related to the Pascagoula case. Every now and then I will politely pester them to see if anything new has come to light.

On July 22nd, 2021, an email arrived from out of the blue from the same colleague who had originally sent us the CUFOS file on Pascagoula. This was Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS. His email read:

“Hello Philip, I was going through some boxes of varied materials yesterday and ran across a folder with the attached photos of Hickson and Parker taken at the time of the incident. Perhaps you already have good copies of these, but I thought it was worth sending scans, just in case. And in anticipation of your question, there was nothing else in the folder except these photos. Best, Mark.”

Much to our amazement, the two photos that Mark attached could well be those mentioned in the ‘puncture wounds’ document, although we cannot of course be 100% certain of this. We were astounded and grateful in equal amounts and we thanked Mark profusely for sending them to us. It only goes to prove what positive results can be achieved when colleagues in UFO research work together and share information.

Mark got back to us the very next day and explained a little more of how he came across the photos:

“Philip, I’m pleased to hear that these are something you didn’t have.”

“There are indeed handwritten notes on the back of each photo that provide the person’s name and date (that’s all). The photos were in a CUFOS file, with only the photos, buried in a box of various types of material that I was searching through for something else. Although originally, I’m sure they came to Hynek, who then placed them at some point in the regular CUFOS archival materials.”

One of the first people we showed the photos to was of course Calvin Parker. Shortly after he viewed them, we spoke with him via Skype at his home in Mississippi. Just for the record, Calvin has been suffering from a life-threatening illness throughout 2021 and has had major surgery and is on a lot of medication as well. I’ll not go into any further details, but I’m sure you can understand. Calvin, as honest as ever, could not recollect having any photos taken, but he does remember that Dr. James Harder gave him and Charles Hickson a physical examination just after the incident happened in 1973. It would have been far easier for Calvin to simply go along with the story and say he remembered having the photos taken but he didn’t. It proves once again what an honest man he is.

Below: The ‘puncture wounds photos of Charles Hickson’s arm and in close-up
The ‘puncture wounds photos of Charles Hickson’s arm and in close-up

Below: The puncture wounds mark on Calvin Parker’s foot and in close up.
Calvin Parker Foot Photo with Close-Up - Oct. 11, 1973

The days after their alien encounter were of course chaotic and Calvin was suffering badly from the after-effects. It wouldn’t be long before he would be in the hospital with a breakdown and would be haunted by these events for the rest of his life. Sadly, Charles Hickson is not still around to ask him if he remembered these photos being taken and Dr. Harder is also deceased. We have to say that no matter what they are intriguing and may well support the information outlined in the puncture wounds document.

BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT – The Pascagoula Alien Abduction
“The strange and extremely unusual encounter both Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker experienced, becomes more and more bizarre, with the announcement of puncture wounds being discovered on both victims’ bodies! This and more recently discovered facts surrounding the Pascagoula incident will be published in full in our new book ‘BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT – The Pascagoula Alien Abduction’, available here. (ad)

About the author:

Philip Mantle is a long-standing UFO researcher and author from the UK. He was formerly the Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and the MUFON Representative for England. He is the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS and can be contacted on email at:


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